Fast Diagnostics

Fast Diagnostics

Diagnostics with in 2 hours

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

Professional service are not always expensive, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Accessories always available

Accessories always available

Original components from well-known manufacturers


Warranty for the work performed

If a warranty case arises, we fix everything for free.

Whirlpool AC service center

Whirlpool air conditioners are carried out and repaired by the mechanic of our service center. They service ac at the client's home. Our service center engineer is fast, an hour after placing the order. Diagnostics of the device are also fast. During it, the cause of the breakdown determine, and the cost of the work is calculated.

Typical problems of split systems

Whirlpool AC owners may face various problems. Even though the devices are of high build quality, they still break sometimes. You need to contact the service center if:

  • The AC does not cool the room enough. Incorrect installation or incorrect settings.
  • Water is leaking from the body. It is necessary to clean the filters of the circulation system.
  • The device is buzzing. Cleaning of cartridges, drum or fan and compressor diagnostics is required.
  • The AC does not turn on. There were problems with the power supply. Electrical circuits need to check. If no damage is found, diagnostics of the control board will be required.
  • The cycle time is too short. The engine turns on and off almost immediately. Faulty temperature sensor, switching relay. Software failures or clogged filters and tubes are also possible.
Whirlpool AC service center

To repair the AC on your own. You can make the problem worse. A device will not be restored by any service center. Therefore, if symptoms of a breakdown occur, immediately contact the service.

Stages of work

Repair of AC equipment is conducted in stages:

To apply for a specialist visit, call 9597694428. You can also leave a comment on the site. The operator will contact you in the next 10-15 minutes.

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