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Fast Diagnostics

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Affordable Prices

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Accessories always available

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LED TVs repair in Coimbatore

Widescreen TVs quickly penetrated into the sphere of our lives due to the quality of their work, as well as their attractive appearance. Despite the high technologies that are used during their production, this technique sometimes goes out of work. Coimbatore Service offers LED TV repair. The experience and qualifications of our employees allows us to start repairing different TV models, regardless of the cause and complexity of the repair.

We repair LED TVs Sony, Samsung, onida, LG, MI, Panasonic, Philips, Micromax, Haier, Thomson, OnePlus and Sansui

  • LED TVs of foreign and domestic manufacturers.
  • TV firmware (sometimes the problem is in the software, so you just need to re flash the TV without replacing any spare parts).
  • Replacing and repairing the main board.
  • Opening the function of recording online broadcasting on LG Tv.
  • Repair and replacement of power supplies.
  • Removing the child lock.
  • Smart repair Tv.
  • Software update.

The first stage of repair is diagnostics. When you bring your device to our workshop, the first thing we do is carry out an accurate inspection, which will identify all possible defects. For an experienced technician, sometimes a glance is enough to determine the problems. However, in most cases, special equipment is indispensable. Our service center has all the necessary equipment that allows you to perform a full diagnosis.

Among the main reasons for the failure of Led TVs are resistor burnout, backlight breakdown, capacitor swelling, etc. Regardless of the cause of the problems, we will promptly respond to a specific situation and carry out the necessary recovery work.

The cost of repairing Led TVs in Coimbatore

The cost of repairing LED TVs in Coimbatore depends on the complexity of the problems, as well as the size of the TV diagonal. If you contact us for help, we are ready to replace the permanently out of order parts. We always have original spare parts in stock, which we keep in the required quantity in our warehouse. We issue a proprietary guarantee for all parts and types of our work

Here you can use the service of calling the technicians to your home. Instead of bringing the device to our center, it will be easier for you to order Led TV repair at home. Soon after your call to our company, an experienced technician will come to you, who will be able to figure out on the spot what the problem is with your TV, and immediately take the necessary measures to restore its operation.

LED Tv Repair on the same day in Coimbatore

We provide LED Tv Service in Coimbatore, for all brands such as Sony, Samsung, onida, LG, MI, Panasonic, Philips, Micromax, Haier, Thomson, OnePlus, VU and Sansui etc

Coimbatore Service has been successfully engaged in the repair of tvs in Coimbatore. We provide the highest quality and most convenient for you service for the repair of LED Tv's.

  • The best price and quality
  • Original spare parts
  • Urgent departure to any area
  • Polite staff