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TVs Repair at home

Today, television is the most familiar source of information for people, as well as the most popular technique that can entertain a person. If a breakdown happens to the TV, then this causes great annoyance for most users.

Professional repair of TVs in Coimbatore, including with the departure of the technician at home, is the main activity of our service center. Since each of our technician has invaluable experience and skills acquired over many years of practice, we can restore almost all models of today's equipment. It is not a difficult task for us to repair a TV even at home!

The following TV repair at home is possible:

  • Diagnostics of the TV in order to identify the causes of malfunctions.
  • TV setting.
  • Replacement of failed parts when this process does not require complex equipment.
TV Repair at home

Just call us to fill out an application, our technician will arrive at a convenient time for you and eliminate all faults in a short time.

Service and repair of TVs Sony, Samsung, onida, LG, MI, Panasonic, Philips, Micromax, Haier, Thomson, OnePlus and Sansui

  • LCD models of different model years.
  • Plasma panels with different diagonal.
  • LED TVs of foreign and domestic manufacturers.
  • Replacement and repair of the TV matrix.
  • TV firmware (sometimes the problem is in the software, so you just need to re flash the TV without replacing any spare parts).
  • Replacement and repair of the main board.
  • Repair and replacement of power supplies.
  • Removing the child lock.
  • Repair of Smart Tv.
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How to fix them TV

Repairing a TV of any brand begins with a visual assessment of the situation, after which they move on to inspecting the internal filling. Modern functional TVs contain a large number of integrated circuits, which, in the event of failure, are quite difficult to replace. Therefore, very often, specialists repair TVs by replacing a failed module entirely.

Let's take a quick look at the most common TV repairs. If the TV does not turn on, then, in addition to the failure of the network wire and the plug, the failure should be looked for in:

  • Power supply system.
  • Frame scan unit.
  • line scan unit.
tv repair coimbatore

There can be only one method of identifying the true cause - this is a sequential diagnosis of the indicated TV modules.

Plasma TVs often have a burnout of the phosphor layer of the screen. It can occur if the TV is exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. The disadvantage of these screens is also pixel burnout. This is possible if a static picture was shown on the screen for a very long time.

Stages of professional TV repair

In order to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, inform the dispatcher of the service center or directly to the technician:

  • TV model and year of manufacture.
  • CRT type.
  • Screen diagonal.
  • External "symptoms" of malfunction.

A high-quality TV repair begins with an accurate diagnosis, since it is important to eliminate not only the malfunction, but also the cause of its occurrence. After that, the wizard will determine the cause of the malfunction, and, if necessary, will make additional settings. An added plus will be the fixed cost!

We are often contacted for the following reasons:

  • The screen is broken.
  • The matrix fails.
  • The TV does not turn on or off.
  • The image is displayed with interference or it is only partially visible.
  • Due to damage to the tuner or antenna socket, it is not possible to tune channels.
  • HDMI and USB connectors are not working.
  • The TV turns itself off or on.
  • The indicator is on, but the TV does not turn on.
  • No picture in the presence of sound.
  • Backlight malfunction.

All services for the repair of TVs are provided without intermediaries. We carry out free diagnostics and we have a well-equipped repair shop, where the technicians have a multi meter and an oscilloscope, a soldering and BGA station, as well as devices for flashing memory. We have all the necessary spare parts for TV repair in stock thanks to our own spare parts warehouse.

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