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Fast Diagnostics

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Affordable Prices

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Accessories always available

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LG AC service center in Coimbatore

The South Korean company LG released its first air conditioner in 1968 (then it bore the old name GoldStar), and by 2008 the number of air conditioning systems sold exceeded 100 million units. LG is the world leader in this market segment. But, despite the high quality of products, equipment sometimes fails due to non-compliance with the rules of operation and untimely maintenance. The Coimbatore Service performs repairs of LG ac quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively at the client's home.

If there are malfunctions in the operation of LG equipment, residents of Coimbatore should contact the Coimbatore Service company, which has been operating in this area since 2012. Reasons for concern may include:

lg ac service center
  • The device does not turn on - the programmer burned out the internal wiring is damaged,
  • Turn off too quickly - clogged filters, evaporator, fan failure,
  • The appearance of uncharacteristic noises and odors - severe contamination of filters, heat exchanger, the appearance of holes in the tubes, breakage of the transformer,
  • Water leakage from the indoor unit - clogging the drainage system, filters,
  • The vibration of the indoor or outdoor units - damage to the bearing.

You can find fault only after a detailed diagnosis of the LG ac. Service employees arrive as soon as possible, bring the necessary equipment, and diagnose the device at the installation on-site without dismantling it.

LG AC Service in Coimbatore

Regular maintenance is essential for the perfect operation of LG AC. Experts recommend doing it twice a year.

Maintenance includes:

  • Diagnostics
  • Cleaning of external and internal blocks,
  • Flushing of drainage pipes,
  • Refilling with freon.

If these conditions are met the equipment will last for many years. Coimbatore Service offers the conclusion of contracts for permanent service. A maintenance schedule is drawn up and employees arrive without additional reminders and perform the necessary work on prevention and care.

Our services

You can book a call from a specialist seven days a week. An urgent departure of the mechanic is possible within 2 hours. The cost of the service includes the price of the work itself, spare parts, freon, and the use of a lifting mechanism (if necessary). According to feedback from regular customers, our prices are lower than those of most competitors.

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