Fast Diagnostics

Fast Diagnostics

Diagnostics with in 2 hours

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

Professional service are not always expensive, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Accessories always available

Accessories always available

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If a warranty case arises, we fix everything for free.

LG fridge service center

Our company offers professional LG fridge service in Coimbatore at home. A fridge is repaired don't have to take it to the service. Give us a call and call a mechanic with the necessary tools. It is required to use the services of a wizard at the first sign of problems. You do not try to repair the fridge yourself, as this will lead to a more deep fault.

Problems that happen with LG fridge:

There is no cold in the fridge compartment

In a fridge equipped with the NoFrost system, the probable cause of the fault should be looked for in it. LG fridge repair involves the replacement of defective parts responsible for automatic defrosting.

The fridge began to buzz and make a noise

Noise created by faulty fans or blades touching frozen ice. First of all, defrost the refrigerator. The problem endures a call to a mechanic, who will accurately diagnose the cause of such noise, repair the fan if possible or replace it.

The fridge turns on and off immediately

The start relay or compressor may be faulty. Replacing the relay, as a rule, does not cause any particular difficulties. If the compressor needs to be replaced, a fridge charge will be required, which can only be done by a mechanic.

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