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Panasonic washing machine service center

The Japanese company Panasonic is the most famous brand in the global home appliance market. Even though it is in the leading position among consumer goods of a similar class, manufacturers of washing machines are striving to improve their product, presenting the consumer with "smart appliances" equipped with multifunctional mechanisms. Despite the manufacturer's desire to produce reliable household devices, there are situations when they fail for any reason.

In some cases, the owner can independently identify the cause of the repair, eliminate the malfunction, and calmly continue to operate his machine. However, there are repair services that simply cannot be dealt with without the help of a repair shop specialist.

Panasonic washing machine service center

If you are sure that you can independently deal with the internal parts and mechanisms, choose suitable spare parts and replace them. The specialists of the Coimbatore Service are ready to help you, suggesting the most common malfunctions that happen with a Panasonic washing machine and methods of their elimination. But if you are not 100% sure of your abilities, it is better to leave a request on our website. We will come to your aid as soon as possible, carrying out repairs at home, without taking the equipment to the workshop.

In case of need for repairs, we carry out repair of all mechanisms of the Panasonic washing machine and fix the error on the day.

Panasonic Washing Machine FAQ

How do I raise a complaint with Panasonic?

kindly contact at Panasonic service center number 9597694428 for further assistance.

Why is my Panasonic washing machine unable to spin?

It can be caused by the followings: Lid cover is not closed properly; drain hose outlet level is higher and uneven wash load etc. When the laundry was unbalanced during spinning time, rinsing and automatic correcting of unbalanced clothing will occur and spinning process will resume later.

Why does my Panasonic washing machine keep stopping?

Make sure that the power cord is not loose. It must be plugged in tightly to ensure consistent electrical power to the washer. The lid switch assembly prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is open. If the lid switch assembly fails, the washer may stop mid-cycle.

Why is my Panasonic washing machine unable to drain water?

The drain hose could be clogged with lint or hair. You can use a thin, long-handled brush to clean the hose. If a top-load washer is not completing a cycle in addition to not draining, a broken suspension rod could be making the tub unbalanced and unable to spin or agitate properly.

What is error code 11 on Panasonic washing machine?

If U11 is displayed, check & confirm the following? Check the drain hose for any of the following problems: It is clogged. Its tip is immersed in water.

Why my Panasonic washing machine is not working?

The washing machine won't start several factors can prevent the washing machine from starting to include a defective timer. Other issues can be with the user control and display board, the main control board, the door lock, or the thermal fuse.

What is the phone number for Panasonic Connect?

You can call our service center at 9597694428 or complete the form below and a representative will contact you.

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