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LG washing machine Service in Coimbatore

Coimbatore Service is one of the top LG washing machine service centers in Coimbatore. We provide high-quality services with out-of-warranty of equipment from a well-known brand. The Coimbatore Service has been operating since 2019.

Even the highest quality LG washing machine can repair over time, as its parts wear out during operation. LG washing machine repair is necessary in several cases. Easy to book LG washing machine repair in Coimbatore click a call button. Without breaks and weekends, we work both in Coimbatore. We provide a long-term guarantee for all types of repair of LG washing machines and the quality of our work.

LG washing machine service center in Coimbatore

Our company also repairs LG washing machines at home, regardless of the complexity of the fault. We repair equipment at home in one trip, without taking it to a service center;

Here are the most common fault:

  • Replacement of external parts - buttons, handles, hinges, hatch glass, drain hose, filter, etc.
  • Cleaning the filter and drive belt.
  • Replacement of internal parts - heating element, pump, hatch cuff, springs, and control unit.

Our mechanic will identify the problem and find a way to fix it. We are leaders in LG washing machine repair. We have many positive reviews from our customers. Contact us!

LG washing machine repair service

The services of our service center include the LG washing machine service at home anywhere in Coimbatore - prompt, with a guarantee of quality, at an excellent cost. And since only experienced mechanic work in our workshop, they can repair any model of LG washing machine within a quarter of an hour - a day after the diagnosis. You can call a mechanic at the Coimbatore Service (via the website or by phone) on any day of the week: we work seven days a week. After servicing your LG washing machine, we will issue a warranty of up to 3 months.

Common Hardware Error Codes

Almost all modern models of LG washing machines are equipped with a digital display that displays certain error codes indicating various problems. That makes it easier to diagnose and more likely to identify the cause of the problem. The most common codes include:

  • DE - the door lock is faulty, which is possible either if the door is not tightly closed, or if this element is naturally worn out,
  • PE - not enough water has accumulated in the tank, which can be due to low pressure in the pipes, failure of the inlet hose and certain kinds of relay malfunctions,
  • IE - water does not flow at all: this often happens when the valve system breaks down.

Separate error codes for LG washers indicate that a specific unit needs to be repaired or replaced, and also indicate the need to adjust the operation:

  • HE - the heating element is faulty,
  • OE - the drain pump does not work well or is clogged,
  • UE - laundry is unevenly distributed over the drum, it should be reloaded,
  • CE - some things must be removed, as their weight exceeds the recommended load.

But even if you know exactly the causes of the failures of the LG washing machine, you should not try to fix it on your own, as the consequences can be very disappointing.

Great prices, quality assurance

If an urgent and high-quality LG washing machine repair is needed, many residents of Coimbatore and the region turn to us for help. And this is not surprising, because we adhere to reasonable prices, and guarantee a high level of service for each client.

The main thing: when during the repair work it becomes necessary to replace failed parts, we use only new original spare parts. And this is the key to a long service life of the restored equipment.

LG washing machines repair in Coimbatore

The model range of the well-known Korean brand includes washing machines, which, by design, have no analogues from other manufacturers and, accordingly, require a special approach. Among the most common modifications are the models LG WD 80180N, LG WD 10200ND and LG WD 80250NUP, which appealed to the liking and pocket of many users. But despite the high reliability and innovations used, various breakdowns occur, and repair of LG washing machines is required.

Many owners try to repair LG washing machines on their own, and sometimes the attempt ends up very successful. But this applies only to simple malfunctions. More often it turns out that the specialists of the service center repair the main breakdown plus eliminate the results of the intervention of the "Coimbatore Service". After all, even disassembling an LG washing machine is fraught with some difficulties.

We are the official service center of LG, and repair of washing machines of any model of this brand is our speciality. A distinctive feature of our services is that we repair LG washing machines at home with guaranteed quality and in the shortest possible time in all areas of Coimbatore at reasonable prices.

How to identify a faulty node

LG, like many other manufacturers, has introduced a so-called self-diagnosis system into their washing machines to simplify the search for reasons for stopping the washing machine. With its help, by the codes on the scoreboard, you can determine the reason for the stop, and sometimes the faulty unit. Most often, LG machines stop during the execution of programs with the following codes on the display:

  • DE - indicates a breakdown of the door lock or its loose fit,
  • PE - the insufficient water level in the tank. Usually, the cause of the situation is low pressure in the water supply or a kink (damage) to the inlet hose,
  • IE - indicates the absence of water in the tank. Often the cause is a broken intake valve.
  • HE - the heating element has failed,
  • OE - indicates a malfunction of the drain pump,
  • UE - signals a violation of the balance of things in the drum. It is necessary to correctly distribute the laundry in the drum and start the wash again,
  • CE - an error associated with an overload of the drum. Remove excess items from the drum.

If you are planning an independent repair of LG washing machines, keep in mind that the same errors can be displayed when various components break down. To more accurately determine the location of the breakdown, you need to compare external manifestations with error codes, as well as with the features of the model. Which can only be done by an experienced specialist.

How to fix the LG washing machine

If you need to quickly and most importantly repair an LG washing machine with high quality, our service center is always at your service. The mechanic is ready to leave for repairs any day and at any time convenient for you. We carry out all types of repairs, including warranty repairs for LG washing machines, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown and the year of manufacture of the washing machine. Unlike many competitors, almost all spare parts of original quality are available in our store.

LG Washing Machine FAQ

What is the service center number of LG top load washing machine?

You can call on the LG service center number at 9597694428 to raise your complaint. They will help you 24 hrs, 7 days a week.

Are LG washing machines expensive to repair?

The expense of a LG washing machine repair varies by the type of malfunction, and the parts and time required to complete the service. The average washing machine repair costs from 400 to 500.

What is the lifespan of a LG washer?

LG washers and dryers will last for 10 to 15 years.

What are common problems with LG washing machines?

The most common issues with LG washers relate to the washer not draining, wires breaking, or excess water caused by a defective water inlet valve.

Is LG a good brand of washing machine?

Yes. LG front-load washing machines are among our favourites. The high-efficiency LG washers that we tested all did a good job of cleaning clothes. With a variety of features and capacities ranging from 4.5 to 5.2 cubic feet, there's likely a LG washer that will meet your needs and make doing laundry less of a chore.

What are the disadvantages of LG top load washing machine?

  • 1. The twisting mechanism of agitator-style top loaders doesn't clean as thoroughly or efficiently as the tumbling motion of front loaders.
  • 2. The agitator also takes up space, so agitator-style models may not fit as many clothes per cycle.
  • 3. Top load washers tend to use more water and energy.

Why is my LG washing machine not spinning properly?

A broken drive belt is one of the most common part failures that results in an LG front load washer not spinning. The drive belt is suspended around the wash tub via two pulleys, using power from the washer's motor to spin the wash tub. Over time, this rubber belt can tear and break, leaving the tub unable to spin.

Is inverter washing machine good or bad?

You will have less speed and maximum performance for a smaller pile of clothes. You save a considerable amount of energy in this process. Hence, many choose inverter washing machines for their energy efficiency.

Is there a cleaning cycle on LG washing machine?

The tub clean cycle keeps your washer in optimal performance by removing detergent build-up and other residue, keeping your wash drum clean. It is recommended to clean the drain pump filter, detergent dispenser, inlet filters, and door gaskets when performing a monthly tub clean.

How do I completely reset my LG?

Turn the phone off. Press and hold the following keys at the same time: Volume Down Key + Power/Lock Key on the back of the phone. Release the Power/Lock Key only when the LG logo is displayed, then immediately press and hold the Power/Lock Key again. Release all keys when the Factory hard reset screen is displayed.

What is the warranty period of LG washing machine?

1 Year

How much vinegar do I use to clean my LG washing machine?

How to clean and sanitise the wash drum? A. Add one cup of Epsom Salts to half a cup of vinegar, or even water, and add directly to the drum. Run the machine on its hottest cycle, pausing at the beginning to let the saline solution soak.

Service area

IE A water inlet error typically indicates a problem with the water supply. A kink in the hose
Clogged filters
DE A draining error occurs if the water from the machine has not been drained within 5 minutes. A kink in the hose
Clogged filter
UE An unbalanced error code occurs if the machine is overloaded, underloaded, or not balanced. Uneven load
Sensor malfunction
dE This error occurs if the door to the machine is still open when a cycle is attempted. Door is open
The locking sensor is faulty
tE, TE2, TE3, TE4 Heating error codes occur when there is a fault with the thermistor. Faulty heating element
Malfunctioning thermostat
FE An overflow error occurs when water is overfilled due to a fault in the water valve. Faulty water valve
PE A pressure sensor switch error occurs when the water level sensor has malfunctioned. A faulty pressure sensor
A clogged pressure hose
A malfunctioning control board
CE A current error indicates there is an overload in the motor. A faulty motor
A malfunctioning control board
LE A lock error occurs when there is an error with the motor. A faulty motor
A malfunctioning control board
PF A power failure error occurs when the machine has experienced a power outage. Power outage
Tripped fuse
dHE A dry heater error indicates that the temperature of the washing machine's heater has exceeded the allowable limit. Malfunctioning heating element
Control board issues
Wiring problems
AE A suspected leak error indicates there is a leak in the machine. Damaged or faulty hoses
Clogged drain pump
EHE/ELE This error code indicates a suspected issue with the heating element. Faulty heating element
Thermistor issues
Water supply issue