Washing Machines FAQ

Washing Machines FAQ

1. In my LG front loading washing machine, the total program time is too long. How do i fix this?

Sometimes the LG washing machine may prolong the total cycle time to do inbuilt corrective sequences in the case of either load unbalance condition or excessive foam during washing. Our professional call tell you the exact problem and fix it once you avail the LG washing machine repair service.

2. I'm hearing a beep sound during the final rinse process. What could be the reason?

The beep sound indicates the time to add fabric softener manually. This maximizes the fabric softener function.

3. Who will procure the LG spare parts, If needed?

The spare parts needed in the repair of the LG appliance will be procured by the professional himself. These are original LG spare parts from the company itself. The charges for the procured items will be taken separately. However you can also procure the parts yourself if you prefer to.

4. I used the wrong washing detergent! Should I panic?

That depends. Did you use Front Loader detergent in a top loader, or Top Loader detergent in the front loader?

Front loader detergent in a top loader may mean your clothes don,t necessarily get the best clean, but nothing disastrous should take place.

As for the other case, top loader detergent is engineered to foam, as there,s usually plenty of room in a top-loader drum for the suds to expand and soak through the laundry.

If you've used top loader detergent in your front loader, stop the cycle if possible, and set the appliance to drain. The door won't open until the drum is empty of water. If for any reason it's not possible to stop and drain the machine, see if you can switch over to a shorter cycle to minimise soap build-up.

5. How can I improve the effectiveness of my washer?

Ensure you clean the lint filter regularly.

6. Where can I find my LG washing machine serial number?

The serial number can be found at the back of the machine, under the lid (top loader), or by opening the door (front loader) and checking on the inside of the door.

7. What are transit bolts?

Transit bolts lock the drum in place to stop it from moving about and being damaged during transit. You must remove these bolts to ensure the machine operates properly and stays balanced.

8. how do I fix the Washer Vibrating?

Rearrange the load of laundry and be sure that you're loading your washer correctly to avoid shifting. Check your manufacturer's instruction book; inside, you'll find a recommended maximum or optimum load weight. Use that as a guide. When you fill your washer, make sure the clothes still have room to move freely and aren't packed too tightly.

9. How do I control water leaking problem in my Bosch washing machine

10. How to arrest strange noise in washing machine?

11. My Washer Will Not Run or Fill With Water

12. How do I get rid of washing machine black mould/smells?

Step 1: Turn off the tap and unplug the washing machine.

Step 2: Open the door, push down and pull-out the lower part of the porthole gasket.

Step 3: Use a soft cloth dampened with soap liquid to clean the lower part of the porthole gasket.

Step 4: Use the same method to clean the drum.

Step 5: Use water to rinse the porthole gasket and drum.

13. How to cancel delay function

14. Code-control panel display "FC1"

15. How do I get rid of washing machine black mould/smells?

Solution 1: Please empty the pockets(keys, coins, bobby pin, etc.) and remove the harder decorative objects (e.g. brooches) before use the washing machine.

Solution 2: In order to avoid clothing buttons and zippers make sound, close zippers and hooks, make sure the buttons are sewn on tightly and place small items such as socks, belts, bras, etc. in the wash bag.

Solution 3: Please make sure the washing machine is balanced, otherwise noise will appear when spin.

Solution 4: That maybe the belt problem, Please call for the service.

16. Too much foam in the drum and spilled from the distribution drawer



17. Some washing time variable



18. Strong vibration while spinning



19. Washing machine cannot be filled with water

Reason 1: The "Start/Pause" button or program knob is not pressed or not properly set.

Solution 1: Press the "Start/Pause" button or set the program knob properly.

Reason 2: Water tap is not turned on or Water pressure is less than 0,03 MPa

Solution 2: Turn on the water tap or check water pressure.

Reason 3: The inlet hose or inlet hose filter is kinked or blocked

Solution 3: Check the inlet hose or inlet hose filter.

Reason 4: The washer door is not properly.

Solution 4: Close the washer door properly.

20. How to drain the remaining water in the drum?

Step 1: Unplug the washing machine.

Step 2: Please restart the machine.

Step 3: Please set the program knob to Spin/Drain program to drain the water.

21. Before using the washing machine, is there something to do with the laundry?

22. How to installing the bottom cover?

23. The door cannot be opened?

The safety door lock of machine is activated. Power off the machine and wait around 3 minutes and the door will automatically unlock, then the door can be opened.

If there is some water inside the machine please select "spin /drain" function and start to let the water go out of machine. Then power off the machine and wait around 3 minutes. The door can be opened.

25. Power-off memory function

In case of abrupt power failure or the need to cut off the power during a program cycle, the present settings will be saved and the preset operation will resume when the power is on again.

26.How to set and cancel the child lock function?

How to set:

How to cancel:

27.How to use the "Extra Rinse" function?

How to set: