The dryer in the washing machine does not work: reasons and do-it-yourself repairs

The dryer in the washing machine does not work: reasons and do-it-yourself repairs

Washing and drying machines often save the housewife, especially in small apartments were hanging wet laundry to dry is problematic. However, a situation where the dryer in the washing machine does not work can significantly ruin plans and put the housewife in a difficult situation. What to do in this case?

This is not due to a breakdown

First, you need to calm down and not panic. Often the dryer does not turn on because the user simply made a mistake. This leads to certain operational problems, but all of them are easily solvable and do not require professional repair. What could have happened?

Firstly, dryers do not automatically dry on any program. The corresponding mode still needs to be activated, and if this is not done, the laundry will remain damp after the cycle.

Secondly, people often forget that you cannot load the machine to the maximum if you want to dry your clothes after washing. Focus on the following proportions: 2/3 of the maximum load volume. If the drum is designed for 5-6 kg of laundry, load 3-4 kg for drying. Starting the drying program separately will not help; the drum will weigh the laundry and give a signal to the machine that activation is prohibited. The only way out is to separate the washed clothes and dry them in several batches.

Thirdly, the cause of the failure may be a clog in the drain filter. The machine starts drying clothes only after all the water has left the tank, but this is impossible if the drain filter is clogged. How to solve a problem? Disconnect the washing machine from all networks, drain the remaining water from the hose, find the filter hidden in the small hatch in the lower right corner, remove it and rinse thoroughly.

The drying element has failed

If you have carried out an inspection and ruled out all the above problems, it means that the drying fan has broken down, and then you cannot do without repairs. Without a fan, warm air will not flow into the tank and drying will simply be impossible. What can happen to the fan?

  1. The grease on the fan bearing has dried out.
  2. A foreign element has blocked one or more blades.
  3. The fan motor has failed.

Sometimes the washer simply displays an error code instead of starting the drying program. This indicates that there is a signal break in the wiring or contacts, and not in the power circuit inside the fan or heating element. Then either the fan does not supply warm air to the drying chamber, or the heater does not increase the air temperature, and the laundry does not dry. The problem can be solved by re-soldering the contacts or replacing the entire wiring.

Sometimes the problem can be caused by a clogged air duct. It connects the casing with the heating element to the washing machine tank. If such a problem occurs, the fan circulates air, but after heating it cannot, due to blockage, enter the tank and dry the laundry. A typical indicator of this type of problem is a strong fan noise. No repairs are needed, just clearing the blockage is enough.