Why doesn't my LG washing machine heat the water when washing?

Why doesn't my LG washing machine heat the water when washing?

It is impossible to list all the possible breakdowns that occur when using washing machines. However, some of them are so obvious and interfere so much with the full operation of the unit that many housewives dream of learning how to eliminate them themselves. So, for example, the relevant question is what to do if the LG washing machine does not heat the water.

Is there a breakdown?

Yes, it also happens that the alarm turns out to be false. Everything is obvious: the washing machine does not heat the water, although it should. First, check whether you have set the temperature that corresponds to the selected washing process. If the unit detects a mismatch, it will not be able to give a command to the module, and heating will not start. If you doubt the correctness of the set degrees, look at the user manual.

The water is not heated in the same way with gentle washing modes. Delicate fabrics do not tolerate hot temperatures. To find out which program washes at what temperature, look at the instructions. You can find out for sure whether a malfunction exists in the following way:

  • Select and run a program that involves washing in hot water (40-60 degrees, as a rule),
  • After about half an hour from the moment you started washing, touch the glass of the hatch door with your hand; if it remains cold, it means that the heating element has really stopped heating during washing.

What part could have broken?

Machines with a built-in self-diagnosis system refuse to work at the slightest problem until all problems are resolved. Less advanced models continue to wash as if nothing had happened, even in the absence of heat. But the situation still needs to be resolved. Whether you do it yourself or call a professional is up to you, but it must be done. Malfunctions of the unit can be caused by the breakdown of a number of elements.

  • A sensor that controls the water level. It gives the water heater in the machine a signal to heat the water after sufficient volume has been collected. Since the element is faulty, no signal is given, and the heater is not activated.
  • Contacts connecting the heating element with other parts.
  • Directly the heater itself, which does not perform its functions due to a malfunction.
  • A sensor that controls the degree mode. Since the machine does not understand to what temperature the water needs to be heated, it prefers to leave it cold to avoid more serious dysfunctions.
  • The corresponding chip in the control board. The unit becomes completely disoriented when it comes to heating water.

These problems require immediate attention, since washing in chilly water for a long time will not work; some fabrics simply cannot be washed at low temperatures. In addition, all elements of the washing machine are interconnected, so one problem may soon lead to others.


Why did the machine fail?

In turn, the above breakdowns also have their own reasons. Some of them are quite understandable and logical.

  • The water level sensor tube is clogged. After washing, debris, hair, and lint inevitably remain in the machine, which creates blockages.
  • The wires are frayed. Not all models have a perfect electronic device. Some machines have wires laid along the walls of the body, and due to vibrations during the washing or spinning processes, the wires fray.
  • The heating element is covered with scale and limescale. In the worst case, the heating element in such a bag overheated and burned out, in the best case, the heat simply does not pass through the layer covering the part.
  • A manufacturing defect due to which the control module failed without any reason.
  • Power surges in the network, due to which one of the elements could burn out.

In the case of a manufacturing defect and the warranty period has not expired, the user can count on free repair or replacement of the washing machine at the technical center. But this is if the warranty card was issued properly. If there is no heating in the machine, you cannot leave everything as is you must solve the problem as quickly as possible.