Why does the washing machine take so long to wash?

Why does the washing machine take so long to wash?

Washing can last from 20-30 minutes to several hours. Its timing depends on various circumstances. For example, it depends on what program you set, what kind of washing machine you have, and so on. And it’s quite normal if the wash doesn’t finish five minutes after it starts. It’s a completely different matter if you previously set a program and the washing machine completed the wash in 40 minutes. And now she does the same wash with the same program in two hours. This is no longer normal. And in this case, it is necessary to understand what caused this change.

Incorrect connection during installation

This is one of the common causes of such a malfunction. It happens when you install new household appliances. Or when you move an old one to a new place. Incorrect connection may cause self-draining. That is, water is collected in the tank and immediately drained from it into the sewer. The level switch tells the control module that there is too little water for washing. He, in turn, gives the command to collect water. And the pouring water continues to flow out. And this can happen for a very long time. Therefore, some people may think that the machine just washes and washes and cannot stop.

In order to solve the problem, you can buy and install a special siphon for the drain hose. It is also worth checking whether the drain hose is installed correctly. Recommendations on what height it should be located can be found in the instructions. If this hose was extended by you, then there is also a possibility of such a malfunction occurring. Another reason could be the failure of the water drain pump (pump).

The drain hose or pump filter is clogged

If the hose or filter is heavily clogged with various debris, then the water will not leave the washing machine tank so quickly. Often a blockage occurs due to some foreign objects getting into the machine. For example: coins, pins, bra wires and other small things. Various skeins of thread, hair and other debris can also prevent water from draining.

Malfunction of the heating element of the washing machine

Another reason that the machine takes longer to wash could be a faulty heating element. If the heating element is completely broken, then it simply stops heating the water. And if it just starts acting up, then the time needed to give the water the desired temperature increases.

Most machines do not continue washing until the water is heated to the required number of degrees. And if the heating occurs very slowly, the washing will take longer.

If the heating element is faulty, it must be replaced with a new one. To do this, you can call a washing machine repairman. Or you can change the heating element yourself. On our website you can easily find instructions on how to replace this part of your washing machine yourself. There is a lot of useful information like this here.

Other reasons why the washing machine is taking too long to wash

There are other reasons for washing too long:


  • The pipes inside the machine may become clogged. In this case, you need to find them and clean them.
  • One of the hoses is bent or pinched. It is necessary to inspect the drain and inlet hoses and, if necessary, straighten them to allow water to flow better.
  • It is also possible that there is simply low water pressure in the water supply. To check, open the tap and see how fast the water flows. If it flows barely, then you can check with your neighbors about this issue. If the pressure is weak throughout the house, then call the housing and communal services department and find out when it will improve.
  • The wiring could be damaged, or the electronic control module could become capricious. If the problem is in the wiring, then it needs to be fixed. And if the problem is in the module, then we recommend calling a specialist. The module is a very expensive part. And we do not recommend delving into it without the appropriate experience and skills.

You can find more detailed information on how to fix each specific breakdown on our website! Good luck!