Why does the washing machine beep when washing?

Why does the washing machine beep when washing?

A squeak that is heard not at the end of the program, but at any stage of the wash, raises logical questions and doubts among housewives. The machine washes as usual, but the constant sounds cause irritation and limit nighttime use of the machine. You shouldn’t adjust to unpleasant sounds; it’s better to find out why the washing machine beeps when washing and how to fix it.

Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

According to consumer reviews, squeaking occurs in many washing machines. Both Whirlpool, Bosch, Samsung, IFB and LG many well-known brands squeak. There is no point in blaming design features - the internal structure of each brand and model is far from the same.

Squeaking also manifests itself in different ways during washing. More often, an unpleasant sound is heard throughout the entire cycle at intervals of five minutes, but sometimes it is heard 3 times during the entire program. It’s harder for those whose cars beep every five seconds.

In addition to sound, there may also be blinking indicators on the dashboard. Some units illuminate with a temperature light, others with a mode selector, and still others with all the buttons and keys.

In most cases, the squeaking does not interfere with the washer’s ability to complete its tasks. It’s worse if the squeaking is accompanied by problematic operation. For example, the machine system resets the running program and ends the cycle ahead of schedule. You must restart the mode and waste time on the next wash setting. As a rule, such a reset occurs chaotically, approximately once every 3-4 startup attempts.

It is difficult to say specifically why the machine starts beeping. But the problem is in the control board, which cannot adequately control the system. Comprehensive diagnostics, repair or reflating of the module is required, and only service professionals can cope with these tasks. Board replacement is required extremely rarely.

The squeak is not coming from the speaker.

When a squeak is heard not from the washing machine speaker, but from the drum, behind or from above, then the problem is different. It is likely that the audible sound only resembles a squeak, but in reality, sounds different. Rather, the user is “deceived” by the following malfunctions:

  • Loose drive belt,
  • Loose fixation on the drum or counterweights,
  • Foreign object entering the tank.

In such cases, the squeak is necessarily accompanied by a suspicious clanging, grinding and humming sound. But the problem can be solved faster and without the involvement of professional craftsmen. So, if the reason for the squeaking is in the belt, then you need to remove it, wash it in a soapy solution and lubricate it with crushed pine rosin. The last thing is most important - the belt will not slip and make an unpleasant squeaking sound.


When the counterweight is to blame for the squeak, we act differently: remove the top panel of the machine, free the wiring and control board, and then visually assess the condition of the concrete blocks. Next, we check the concrete with several clicks and, if we suspect loose bolts, tighten the fasteners. If cracks or chips are visible, replacement will be required.

To remove a foreign object from the washing machine, remove the back panel, drive belt and find where the heating element is located. The latter must be removed and through the vacated hole penetrate into the space between the drum and the tank. It is enough to illuminate the space with a flashlight, fix the foreign body, and then take long tweezers and pull out the thing.


Squeaking in the Atlanta typewriter

All of the above does not apply to owners of the Atlant 50C82 series washing machine. This machine also beeps, but it does it a little differently and for a completely different reason. Here the display unit and the program switching unit are to blame for the annoying sounds.

The squeak is explained as follows: the display unit only works in conjunction with the mode switch, which is not of a reliable design. The reason for the squeaking sound is in the gear selector.

It is worth noting that squeaking does not affect the performance of the washing machine. It is extremely rare that failures may occur in the form of erroneous display of one program on the display instead of the one selected by the user. For example, the regulator stops at the “Cotton” mode, and the indicator shows the time and temperature for “Quick Wash”. Sometimes the “SEL” error appears at the same time, which stands for “selector malfunction.” At Atlant, the squeak is eliminated by replacing the display module. You can try to repair it, but often the breakdown comes back again.