Why does the drum in the LG washing machine hang loose?

Why does the drum in the LG washing machine hang loose?

If you notice that the washing machine drum is loose, you need to diagnose the machine as soon as possible and eliminate the cause of the problem. It is not necessary to resort to the help of a specialist; you can inspect and repair the machine yourself. Let us figure out what to do if the drum in the LG washing machine is loose?

Determining the permissible backlash

A slight play of the drum may be factory-made - this phenomenon is not critical and does not affect the operation of the equipment. Natural play from the factory does not cause noise, rattles, or strong vibrations of the housing. If your LG washing machine jumps during operation and the drum wobbles in different directions, then you need to act as soon as possible. There are two ways to check the play of the SMA drum.

You can open the hatch door and rock the drum a little, then rotate it clockwise and counterclockwise. If a nasty squeak is heard during light touches and rocking, then there is a malfunction.

You can check the play this way: start the washing program by setting the maximum spin speed (depending on the model of the washing machine, the value can be 800, 1200, 1400 revolutions per minute). Observe the operation of the machine. If, during washing at maximum speed, the drum begins to jump and hit the body, therefore, the reason lies in worn-out bearings or shock absorbers.

We are looking for what is causing the drum to dangle.

How to identify why the drum is playing? First, look under your LG washing machine. If the problem is worn out bearings, in 90% of cases you will find a puddle under the washer. If the bearings break, water flows out of the tank and collects on the floor or in a special tray (depending on the model of the washing machine).

When the drum is wobbly, and the only accompanying symptom is knocking, it is better to start not with the bearings, but to inspect the shock absorbers. To check the springs, complete disassembly of the SMA is not required. It will be enough:

  • De-energize equipment,
  • Remove the top cover of the case by unscrewing the bolts holding it,
  • Find the shock absorbers deep in the body and check their condition.

If there is a breakdown of the springs and dampers, then the cause of the dancing drum has been identified. Dealing with such damage is much easier than replacing bearings. To fix the car, it is enough to replace the shock absorbers.

If the drum wobbles and touches the tank every time you wash it, you should not hesitate to diagnose it. Over time, the situation will only get worse, and in the end, it may not be possible to restore the LG washing machine to working order. Timely repair is the key to successful equipment repair.

We change shock-absorbing elements.

It is quite difficult to replace the bearings of an automatic machine with your own hands. Especially in the case when the washing machine tank is non-separable. Practice shows that only a few takes on such work at home. It is easier for ordinary users to call a specialist and entrust him with complex equipment repairs.


When the drum swings occur due to a defect in the shock-absorbing elements, you can fix the problem yourself. Replacing springs and dampers is much easier than disassembling the tank and tapping out the bearings. The repair algorithm will vary depending on your LG AGR model. In some washing machines you can climb up to the shock absorbers from below, in others - only through the front wall of the case.

If the automatic machine model allows repairs from the bottom, then replacement will not take much time. You just need to lay the machine on its side, having previously de-energized it and disconnected it from communications, unscrew the worn shock absorbers and install new elements.

When dismantling shock-absorbing elements is carried out from the front side, it is necessary:

  • Unplug the SM power cord from the outlet,
  • Turn off the water supply tap,
  • Remove the top cover of the case by unscrewing the fixing fasteners,
  • Pull out the detergent tray,
  • Remove the false panel behind which the drain filter is hidden,
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the control panel. Carefully, so as not to break the wires, place it on top of the washer. You can also disconnect the wiring, but do not forget to take a photo of the connection diagram before doing so, so as not to make a mistake when reassembling it.
  • Open the hatch and unscrew the screws securing the UBL. Disconnect the wires and remove the hatch locking device,
  • Pick up the cuff clamp fastener. Remove the metal ring from the body and tuck the rubber seal inside the drum,
  • Remove the front panel; to do this, unscrew all the screws holding it (behind the powder receptacle, under the control panel, in the upper right and left corners).

This will give you free access to the shock absorbers. Removing worn-out elements and installing new ones is not difficult. Reassembling the LG washing machine occurs in the reverse order. If the drum of your machine “dances” in different directions, you should not delay the repair. The reason the drum is loose is due to worn bearings or shock absorbers. In both cases, it is advisable to replace faulty components as soon as possible.