Why doesn't the washing machine open and how to open the door ?

Why doesn't the washing machine open and how to open the door ?

When the wash is finished, the washing machine takes up to three minutes to unlock the door. If more than three minutes have passed and the door still does not want to open, then our machine is faulty.

Sometimes it happens that in the middle of executing a separate part of the program, for example, during a spin cycle, the machine suddenly stops and does not allow the door to open. There is no need to try to break the hatch or force it open. It will only do harm. You will learn what to do in this situation by reading this article.

Why won't the washing machine open?

The water did not drain completely. If there is water left in the tank, the washing machine will not open. This is provided by the security system. Moreover, in some cases, there is so little water left that it is not visible through the glass part of the hatch. And it seems as if she is not there.

The hatch closing system or its handle may also fail. If the lock is faulty, then it is quite natural that it does not allow the door to be opened.

Another possible reason is a broken water level sensor or module.

Washing machine repair

If the reason is that there is water left in the tank, then to solve this problem you better read the following article: “ The washing machine does not drain water .” It will also help you if the water level sensor is faulty.

And here we will analyze the malfunctions of the hatch itself.

How to open a locked hatch and replace the handle?

In order to open the locked hatch, you need to remove the upper part of the washing machine body. Then tilt it so that all its weight is concentrated on those supports that are located at the back. That is, tilt it towards the back of the body. In this position, the tank will move slightly away from the front of the machine. And you can get your hand between it and the inside of the hatch. We need to find the blocking device, find the locking element there and open it, moving it to the side. You can then open the door as usual.

Next you will need to disconnect the hatch itself. To do this, you need to remove it from its hinges. After that we will analyze it. In order to do this, unscrew all the fixing screws on the inside of the hatch. After this, open the latches and disassemble the door into two halves.

We take the one where the faulty handle is installed and replace it with a new one. Then all we had to do was assemble the hatch and install it in place, checking the serviceability of the new handle in advance. To ensure that replacing the handle does not cause you unnecessary problems, we have added video instructions:

Troubleshooting locking

If we have come to the conclusion that the breakdown is in the locking device, then it is better not to repair it, but simply replace it. This device is located on the inside of the front wall of the washing machine. It is fixed with screws from the outside. In order to remove it, you must first unlock the hatch. We have already described how to do this above.

After you have opened the hatch, you must remove the clamp that holds the cuffs. Then remove the screws that hold the locking device in place. Next, move the hatch cuff to the required distance and through the resulting opening we take out the broken locking system. Before disconnecting the wires and changing the lock, you need to remember which wires are connected where. To simplify this part, you can simply take a photo with your phone or camera of how to connect the lock. If you did not have the opportunity to take a photo, you can sketch the correct connection using a pencil or pen. After the locking device has been replaced, it is necessary to test it by starting the wash and ensuring that the hatch opens in a timely manner.

Also, in order to clearly demonstrate this procedure, we attach a video to the article. It shows a working method for retrieving a lock in great detail. You can just watch and repeat after the master. Happy renovation!