Why does my LG washing machine spin clothes poorly?

Why does my LG washing machine spin clothes poorly?

Even with fully functional machines, sometimes incidents happen that do not affect the main functions but cause some trouble for the owner. For example, the LG washing machine does not spin clothes well. Moreover, this happens not once or twice, but relatively regularly. Well, the reasons for this can be quite different, and some of them are not particularly serious; eliminating them yourself is not difficult.

Why does the spin cycle go unsatisfactorily?

Spinning is one of the main tasks of any washing machine, because doing it manually is quite physically difficult for the housewife, and this activity requires a significant amount of time. The situation is aggravated by the fact that it is impossible to control how well the washing machine spins clothes during the operation process. And in the end, you cannot do anything. The failure to perform this function is primarily influenced by several factors.

  • Incorrect assembly. This is the case when you encounter poor spinning from the very first wash.
  • The weight of the laundry in the drum exceeds the permissible limit. Thus, the unit simply cannot cope with the load.
  • You have turned on a program that is automatically programmed for low spin speeds.
  • The density of things loaded into the machine varies. In such situations, most often only part of the laundry remains poorly wrung out.
  • After the washing process is completed, water remains in the drum. This happens because the drain hose becomes clogged and does not release water from the tank, causing stagnation. Even well-wrung-out laundry gets wet again from residual moisture.
  • A foreign object (coin or button) is stuck between the drum and the tank, which now disrupts the smooth functioning of the unit. Also, the reason for poor spinning of laundry may lie in the wear of some elements (most often these are bearings, but it could also be something else). So, this problem is evidenced by extraneous noise during washing.
  • The tachometer has failed. This situation occurs if you regularly put more laundry in the drum than intended.
  • Malfunctions in the pump. A damaged pump can signal itself in different ways, so it is not immediately possible to say for sure whether it is working or not. The best option is to check it in person and then decide whether repairs are needed.

Well, where would we be without the most widespread problem – the failure of the electronic module? The “brain” of the machine is responsible for all its actions, and if something is wrong in it, absolutely any function of the unit can suffer.

Initial actions

So, you are not satisfied with the quality of the spin of your washing raspberries. Well, it is quite possible to eliminate the reasons for this behaviour yourself if they are not serious. You should still be prepared for the fact that you may need the help of a specialist. Take it step by step.

  • If you are not sure that you have not exceeded the permissible load, remove about half of the laundry from the drum. Next, start the spin cycle again and see what happens.
  • The situation has not changed. Then inspect the drains and clean them. The passages are simply clogged.
  • Try to understand if any foreign object is interfering with the washing process. If found, do your best to remove it.
  • In the future, wash items made from coarse fabrics separately at high speeds.
  • For the washer to work smoothly, there needs to be balance inside the drum. This is why it is not recommended to wash heavy items separately. Add a few light ones for balance.

Maintain your equipment on time.

Contrary to the beliefs of manufacturers, many users simply neglect the rules for operating a washing machine. Hence all the ensuing consequences.

For example, you should carefully inspect the drum and pockets of things for the presence of foreign objects. This is especially true for families with small children. An element that gets inside the washing machine will invariably damage it. In addition, there is no need to select programs at random. If you wash a duvet on the delicate cycle, the result will be disgusting for both the washer and the item. As for small wardrobe items, they are washed in special cloth bags!

Why is all this necessary? The more careful you treat your home assistant, the longer it will serve you.