Which air conditioner is better to purchase

Which air conditioner is better to purchase

The most reliable air conditioning in terms of maintaining a comfortable temperature in the rooms is considered a window variety. As already clear, it is fixed in the window opening. Such an air conditioner can also be installed on the wall, thanks to which it will be possible to maintain the most convenient temperature regime at the request and needs of the consumer. The main disadvantage of this mechanism is its increased noise level. It works so noisily that it can cause inconvenience and create a not entirely favorable environment for a good rest.

The window type of air conditioner, installed directly in the window opening, can occupy part of the area at the window, which reduces the illumination in the room. You can’t sit near such an air conditioner, work, relax, and this also adversely affects good home rest. And then in a small apartment it is difficult to maintain a distance of two meters, so sometimes there are great difficulties in using this mechanism at home.

Despite this, such an air conditioner has several advantages: it is inexpensive, it is able to perform the function of an extract, thereby purifying the air in the room. The device is easy to install on its own. The whole variety of air conditioners is divided into two types: split and mono block. Mono block devices have one unit in their composition, which can already be understood from their name, they can be installed in a window or even on furniture. Split installations have two or more blocks in their device, they are installed in special cassettes on the walls. The low price for these types of air conditioners, as well as their mobility, ease of installation, long and reliable operation, these characteristics made these units quite popular in the market.

Modern industry provides for the production of window air conditioners with remote control. Such mechanisms can be controlled remotely using the remote control, directing air flow in the right direction. Each manufacturer makes several models of different air conditioners with different capacities. The simplest devices in their design can simply make the air cool. In more expensive options, the possibility of heating the air is also provided. Moreover, each model can be both remote-controlled and without it.

Install the air conditioner yourself

The installation of such a home appliance does not require a specialist’s call to the house, as well as the presence of any special tools, skills and knowledge in this area. It is important here to ensure that there are no strong distortions and gaps between the wall and the air conditioner. Before you start installing the air conditioner on the window yourself, you need to learn about some installation rules. The air conditioner should not be blocked by curtains or blinds, otherwise the necessary microclimate will not be in the room, but only between the window and the curtain. The width of the device should differ from the window in a smaller direction. Otherwise, the air conditioner will close the entire window, and then the problem of the room’s illumination will arise.

In the window, you must make the corresponding holes. It should be borne in mind that if you have aluminum double-glazed windows or a stained-glass window, then installing an air conditioning device will cost a round sum. In addition, the air conditioner in this situation will not work fully, and will lose its “exhaust” properties. As already mentioned, installing an air conditioner yourself is not a big deal. To do this, remove the front part of the air conditioner and remove the unit. Then you need to install the mechanism directly on the wall. You need to install at an angle of at least 20 degrees. Such a slope will provide the necessary condensate stack from the air conditioner. After the air conditioner is installed, you need to reassemble it.

Now the air conditioner is completely ready for operation, it is enough to turn it on and set the required power.

Many consumers prefer wall-mounted air conditioners. They are easy to use, silent, take up little space, are equipped with a whole arsenal of additional features. Such air conditioners are perfect for both home and office. They often have built-in ionizers and filters for air purification. These devices are much preferable due to ease of use and great functionality. Wall-mounted air conditioners can make the air in the room clean, fresh, enrich it with oxygen. Often, these mechanisms become indispensable helpers for people suffering from asthma or other diseases of the respiratory system. These units have almost no drawbacks, so it is better to make a choice in their favor. By the way, they are also easy to install.