Where to go for washing machine repair

Where to go for washing machine repair

Even the most reliable home appliances need diagnostics and repair, and appliances from the world-famous Bosch company are no exception.

The German company Robert Bosch GmbH has been operating since 1886. During this time has become one of the most popular brands of household appliances in the world market, the name of which symbolizes high German quality and convenience for the consumer. Although the Bosch product line includes many types of modern household appliances, the distributors in the Russian Federation are most of the largest retail chains. At the same time, no equipment lasts forever, and some features of the Russian conditions of its operation additionally affect its resource and life cycle. Therefore, even Bosch household appliances sometimes need professional diagnostics and repairs, which can best do at an official service center.

One of these centres is located and operates in Coimbatore. On the website of the Coimbatore Service, you can find detailed information on the repair of washing machines of different models of the Bosch brand - both new and those that are no longer in production. It is worth noting that breakdowns of washing machines are usually associated with the same "symptoms". Most often, these are breakdowns of heating elements (the function of which is to heat the water entering the machine's tank to the temperature required for a particular washing program). In most cases, the heating element fails due to the formation of scale on it, which is associated with a certain hardness of water, typical for St. Petersburg. On the page of the site dedicated to washing machines, you can find comprehensive information about the repair of heating elements and the elimination of other equipment malfunctions:

  1. If water is not heated in the machine.
  2. If water is not poured or drained.
  3. If the machine does not squeeze.
  4. If the machine does not turn off.

On the service centre's website, you can also call the mechanic in any area of Coimbatore at any convenient time. The undeniable advantages of the official Bosch service center are the availability of original brand spare parts, which guarantees reliability and increases their service life. In addition, the Bosch washing machine Service Center offers a guarantee for the repaired equipment for up to 3 months. It is worth noting that on the website of the center, you can find information about the repair of many other types of equipment - these are dishwashers, refrigerators, electric stoves, Bosch ovens and much more, as well as Bosch power tools, such as drills, grinders, rotary hammers, and screwdrivers. The departure of the service center engineer to the client is free of charge. In addition, in a significant number of cases, one can repair the equipment right at home,