Where is the pressure switch located in the Candy washing machine?

Where is the pressure switch located in the Candy washing machine?

Every modern washing machine is equipped with many complex electronic components and sensitive sensors. One of these is a pressure switch - a water level sensor that monitors the amount of liquid in the system, and then transmits accurate data to the control module. This is one of the most important elements in a “home assistant”, because if it is faulty, the machine will not be able to work normally. To check or restore it, you need to know where it is installed. We will analyze in detail where the pressure switch is located, how to remove it and test it at home.

What kind of sensor is this and what function does it perform?

It is very easy to find the pressure switch in the Candy washing machine - you just need to remove the top panel of the machine body, for which you first need to remove the fixing screws. The level sensor itself is located in the corner near the side wall of the SM. It looks like a small corrugated plastic element, vaguely similar to a hockey puck. Moreover, it can be made in different colors, but what is more important is that there are wires going to it from two walls of the washer, and a small tube from the end.

The element got its name due to the fact that it is actively associated with pressure (in English this is the word “pressure”). Contrary to popular belief, this part is not triggered by water, but by the pressure created by the liquid as it enters the tank of the device. Moreover, the higher the pressure, the stronger the pressure of the air, which goes to the sensor through a thin plastic tube. Accordingly, when there is enough water for the selected operating cycle, the air begins to actively press on the membrane that is located inside the device and closes the contact. Thus, the sensor sends a signal to the control module, which transmits the order to stop the water supply, which also happens in the reverse order.

But if the pressure switch stops responding to pressure, then the Candy washing machine will not be able to start the work cycle due to the fact that it simply does not receive confirmation that there is enough liquid in the system for washing. That is why in such a situation you need to study the water level switch, as well as its contacts.

Finding and removing the level sensor

Despite the fact that in the Candy washing machine the pressure switch is located in an easily accessible area of ​​the body, there is still no need to rush to dismantle and check it. This is due to the fact that if your “home assistant” is still under warranty, then disassembling it yourself will void the free service. Because of this, it is better to entrust repairs to professionals if the warranty period has not yet passed. Otherwise, you can not worry and calmly open the machine, following our instructions.

  • Disconnect your Candy washing machine from all communications as a safety precaution.
  • Remove the cover of the washer, first unscrewing all the fasteners from it.
  • Locate the water level sensor located on the right side of the housing.
  • Remove the retaining screw and connector so you can easily remove the relay from its seat.
  • Loosen the clamp using pliers or a similar tool, and then remove the pressure switch itself.

Not every home has a multimeter, so first of all, let’s check the unit with our own hands. To do this, you need to use a simple means at hand - a small piece of tube, the diameter of which coincides with the sensor tube. Insert the tube into the pressure switch fitting, and then blow lightly into it and listen. If you hear a quiet click in response to your actions, then the relay is responding properly to pressure. If the element remains silent, then it needs to be replaced.

Testing the pressure switch coil

Finally, there is a final test that will allow you to accurately check the condition of the pressure switch. In this way, you can check not only Candy washing machines , but also equipment from Samsung, Bosch and Hotpoint-Ariston brands. What to do to test the sensor?

  • Carefully study the electrical diagram of the pressure switch.
  • Switch the multimeter to resistance measurement mode.
  • Connect the tester probes to the sensor contacts.
  • Apply pressure in the tube to activate the membrane.
  • Examine the readings on the multimeter display.

If, after the relay is activated, the resistance data has not changed, then the part must be thrown away and bought a new one instead. If the indicators have changed, then most likely only the pressure switch tube needs to be replaced. Interruptions in the operation of the unit can even occur due to a small hole in the tube, which allows air to pass through, and therefore prevents the creation of the required pressure for the level sensor.