What to do LG washing machine does not spin

What to do LG washing machine does not spin

The LG washing machine does not spin out clothes after washing - people often turn to service center technicians with this problem. Why do you have to take wet laundry out of the drum at one fine moment?

This issue needs to be dealt with carefully, because the reasons can be very different from violations of operating rules to serious breakdown. Only after understanding the problem can you create an action plan to eliminate the problem.

Trivial mistakes

What happens to the washing machine when the spin cycle does not work, but the machine performs all other functions (washing, rinsing, draining water). No matter how rude it may sound, the user’s carelessness may be to blame. Here are the common mistakes people make:

  • Use the wrong mode, for example, in programs such as Wool, Silk, Hand Wash, the spin mode may not be provided at all. As a result, you will remove wet laundry from the drum. You can solve the problem by turning on Spin separately after the end of the main program,
  • Accidentally press the No spin button,
  • They put too many things in the drum, overload occurs, and the machine does not spin. In this situation, you need to remove the items from the drum of the washing machine and divide them approximately equally into two loads and spin them one by one by starting the Spin function. If there is only one down jacket in the drum that has not been wrung out, then either it is too large for the drum of your machine, or it is unevenly bunched in one direction. Perhaps special washing balls will help correct the situation; place them together with the down jacket and start the Spin,
  • They wash too little laundry, which leads to an imbalance, the machine freezes at the spin stage.
  • Do not clean the water drain filter. A blockage may form in it, which will affect the spin process.

Damage to the tachometer or motor

Frequent overloads of the washing machine drum can cause the sensor responsible for engine speed to break. If it breaks, the washing machine stops spinning clothes. This problem happens extremely rarely, but it still shouldn’t be ruled out. It is possible that the problem is not with the sensor, but with oxidized wires coming from the sensor, or with a loose fastening.

Even more rarely, the spin cycle in a washing machine is lost due to a burnt-out electric motor. As a rule, LG cars are equipped with an inverter motor, and it is quite reliable, it’s not for nothing that manufacturers give it a 10-year warranty. Replacing the engine in a modern car can cost a pretty penny. Then you can replace the tachometer yourself.

Problems with the control module

The performance of the control module can be checked in diagnostic mode. This mode is not available in all models of washing machines, but if you have it, try running it. First, plug in the machine and wait until the beep stops. Then press the two buttons Spin and Temp at the same time.

After starting the diagnostics, press the Start button once; as a result, the hatch door will lock. Press the Start button again, the machine will go into spin mode. If the machine does not make a single revolution, then there is a problem; to verify this, do the following:

  • Provide access to the washing machine motor by removing the rear panel of the housing;
  • Take a tester or multimeter and turn on the ac voltage measurement mode;
  • Remove the chip with wires from the engine;
  • Measure the voltage between the contacts of the wires, if the device shows 140-150 volts, then the control module is working. If there is no voltage, the module will have to be reflashed or replaced.

As you can see, there can be many reasons why your washing machine does not spin. At the same time, we did not consider those cases where the lack of spinning is associated with the lack of drainage. If you are interested, you will find more details in the article LG washing machine does not drain or spin.