What to do if your washing machine catches fire?

What to do if your washing machine catches fire?

Like any household electrical appliance, a washing machine can burn out. Moreover, such an outcome not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world is not uncommon. Naturally, when a fire occurs, and even this kind, a person immediately panics, which aggravates the consequences of the accident. What should you do if your washing machine catches fire to prevent the situation from getting worse?

Why can equipment catch fire?

If you think carefully about how the SM is designed, it is not difficult to guess why the likelihood of fire is so high. The washing machine is connected to the mains, so the socket, plug, power cord and internal electrical circuits are live during operation. The machine operates in a humid environment, and this is an “explosive mixture” that can lead to a fire. The most likely causes of failure.

Low quality of individual parts or the entire machine. As a rule, budget machines with even minor defects catch fire much more often than branded high-quality washing machines.

Incorrect installation. In the absence of a residual current device (if the voltage in the network exceeds the permissible level, the device automatically turns off the electricity) or grounding, the likelihood of a fire increases.

  • Neglect of safety rules.
  • Unskilled repairs.
  • Negligent attitude of the owner.

Everyone knows that it is easier to prevent a fire than to put it out. Therefore, carefully monitor the work of your home assistant. Well, or at least, don’t leave it in working order unattended when you go on a visit or go to bed, for example. A serious fire is preceded by certain signs, noticing which can prevent a fire caused by a washing machine. Among them:

  • The smell of burning,
  • Clicks, crackles and other uncharacteristic sounds,
  • Presence of smoke.

If you notice such manifestations, immediately try to turn off the electricity and interrupt the operation of the machine. At the same time, do not forget about the rules for your own safety.

Immediate actions in case of fire

Don't rush to call the fire department right away. You can put out a fire that has just started on your own. As mentioned above, turn off the electricity. If there is an RCD, then turn it off, if not, turn off the power in the entire house, nothing bad will happen.

  • Be sure to use dry hands to unplug the cord from the outlet.
  • If a real flame is visible, find a thick blanket or something similar and cover the washer, blocking the access of oxygen to the fire.
  • If the above methods do not produce results and the situation worsens, immediately call the fire department, and leave the apartment!

What causes a short circuit and fire?

In exceptional cases, any part can short out, but experts identify several elements that are at particular risk:

  • Socket to which the washing machine is connected,
  • Wiring inside the machine itself, ensuring smooth operation of the unit,
  • The electric motor, and in particular its windings, which sometimes get water,
  • Contacts of the control board, surge protector, heating element or drain pump.

There are, however, situations when a burning smell is present, but does not at all mean the likelihood of a fire. This happens in two cases. Or when the machine is completely new, and the fresh plastic parts are not yet “accustomed” to heating. Or when debris gets into the heating element. In this case, you need to clean the heating element yourself or with the help of a specialist as quickly as possible.

What to do if you feel that something is wrong with the car? Seek advice from a specialist, regardless of the suspected cause. The washing machine may need urgent repairs.