What to do if the aqua stops working in the washing machine?

What to do if the aqua stops working in the washing machine?

Modern washing machines are equipped with flood protection. The Aqua stop system monitors the tightness of hoses, pipes and tanks and blocks the cycle if a leak is suspected: the machine stops working. The equipment is de-energized, and the water intake prevents - this eliminates the flooding of the premises and a short circuit. But security has its cons: if the aqua stops working in the washing machine, you would have to call the wizard and restore the sensor. How to solve the problem without outside help - we will understand below.

Let's find out the reason for the operation of the system.

Most modern washing machines are flood protected with an aqua stop. This system works from two ends of the machine. A solenoid valve is installed under the top cover in the inlet hose, and a sensor with a float is installed in the pan. When a leak begins, a chain reaction begins:

  • Water flows through the body and tank into the pan,
  • When the water level rises, the float rises,
  • As soon as the float rises vertically, the sensor is triggered,
  • The valve mechanism receives a signal about a leak and a command to Stop the intake,
  • The valve stops pouring water,
  • The control board stops the cycle,
  • The machine shuts down in an emergency.

Aqua stop only works for a reason. More often, a leak is to blame for activating the protective system. Excess liquid accumulates in the pan due to several problems:

  • Violation of the tightness of the inlet or drainage hose (torn or torn off the tee),
  • Weakening of fixation on the branch pipes,
  • Tank defect,
  • Blockage of the powder receiver (a pipe is clogged in the hopper, or a foreign object is stuck),
  • Gland shift,
  • Tympanic cuff deformity.

When flood protection is triggered, the washing machine stops the cycle and displays the corresponding error code. Models without a screen signal a breakdown with an indication. In any case, the answer to the question of what to do is obvious - to look for and eliminate the cause.

How to troubleshoot?

After activating Aqua stop, the machine needs to be diagnosed and repaired. It is necessary to turn off the control system, "drain" the machine and identify the place of leakage. Ideally, you need to invite the mechanic, but it is much cheaper to deal with finding and eliminating the cause of the leak on your own. If you decide to act on your own, then adhere to the following instructions:

  • Stop the running cycle (set the programmer to the off position),
  • Turn on the drain program (if the tidy freezes, then we empty the drum manually through the garbage filter),
  • De-energize the machine by removing the cord from the outlet,
  • Tilt the body of the washer and pour out the water from the pan,
  • Let's start diagnosing the system.

Aqua stop will turn off automatically as soon as the pan is free of water and the float returns to the lying position. But the situation will repeat itself with the next wash if the cause of the leak is not eliminated. So to identify the culprit, you must check all the sore points of the filling and drainage system.

The first step is to inspect the inlet hose. Often it cracks or breaks off the clamps, which leads to water leakage. After that, the tightness of the remaining nozzles of the machine, adjacent to the tank, the powder receiver and the pump, is evaluated. Finally, the main drainage sleeve must also be investigated.

The following in-line elements of the drain system are the pump and the snail. When they break, the outflow of water stops, the machine overflows, and a leak occur. The cuff and dispenser are then inspected for cracks. Cause not found? Then disassembly of the washer is required to diagnose the oil seal and tank. The sensor has broken if the aqua stop turns on and the pan is dry. Testing the system with a multimeter is necessary and checking it for integrity and serviceability. Is everything visually, ok? Then the replacement of the controller is shown.