What is a split system, and why is it better than conventional air conditioners?

What is a split system, and why is it better than conventional air conditioners?

The favourable air conditioner in the room uses split systems, which are simple and comfortable to use, and even make almost no noise during operation. Smart and high-tech devices are gradually replacing massive air conditioners, the installation of which often causes problems.

Every year, manufacturers seeking to win the buyer's favour are working on expanding the range and capabilities of devices. It makes it possible to create comfort in the house without overpaying for unnecessary options. If you decide to purchase high-quality and reliable machines, then study the range of Severson.

What are split systems?

These air conditioning units have indoor and outdoor units connected by a track. Come with a control panel. If the device has several indoor units, it is called a multi-split system. Since the teams are separated, the equipment has more options than the same air conditioner.

Split systems are of different types. If you are planning to buy a home, you need to ensure the quality and explore additional options. For example, whether work has provided for heating, ionization, or air humidification. Some models have an aroma function. There are solutions from various manufacturers on the market, so it will be easy to choose an option considering preferences and budget.


This type considers the most popular because equipment installation is possible in an apartment of any area, but if it is at most 65 squares. In other circumstances, it is better to choose a similar option. The advantages of this type include the fact that it does not require much space and has an excellent, minimalist design that fits into any concept.


As a rule, a split system of such a plan has been installed in shopping centres and medical institutions. But there are models suitable for home use. A feature of such devices is that they evenly cool the air and do not create a draft. They are mounted on the ceiling or wall. The advantages of the solution include the fact that it can install on a non-free wall.


Sometimes it is installed in large apartments and private houses. A feature of the split system is that it draws in clean air flows, after which it cools. Therefore, fresh, cool air constantly circulates in the room. This model has been installed on a high ceiling, including a dressing room and pantry. The essential advantages of the equipment include the fact that it lets fresh air into the room and can be used in large houses or apartments. However, its price is much higher than the mentioned models.