Water leaks from the powder compartment in a Samsung washing machine.

Water leaks from the powder compartment in a Samsung washing machine.

A stream flowing down the front panel of the washing machine is an unkind sign. Most likely, this is how water flows from the powder compartment in a Samsung washing machine, and it is strongly not recommended to ignore such a leak. It’s better to take a closer look at the existing “symptoms” and try to correct the situation yourself. As a rule, you can repair the powder receptacle without the help of a service center technician.

What's broken?

Before you begin repairs, it is worth finding out why the powder bin is leaking. Knowing the nature and extent of the problem, you can localize the breakdown and outline an action plan. First, we pay attention to the service life of the Samsung machine: in new models, leaks indicate a manufacturing defect, and in older models, they indicate worn out parts. If the reason is the erasing of parts, then we look at the localization of the stream. The washer usually leaks in one of the following places:

  • Along the perimeter of the tray, more precisely from above or below,
  • Where the dispensary meets the facade of the machine,
  • Through a crack at the end (when one of the compartments, the main one for conditioner or pre-wash, is damaged),
  • Through a loose or torn pipe (perhaps the clamp has become loose, and the hose is leaking water).

Leakage often occurs due to the fault of the owner of the washing machine. When trying to get a powder receptacle for cleaning, the user does not understand how to fix the dispenser but begins to pull the part until the victorious end. As a result, the tray body or locking elements are damaged. The use of aggressive detergents by housewives, which, due to strong abrasives, corrode the plastic and deform the hopper, also leads to problems.

Let's collect tools and components.

You won't be able to fix a leak with your bare hands. To work you will need a set of tools. Fortunately, the list is quite modest and easy to collect. Yes, this will be useful:

  • Plus, and minus screwdrivers,
  • Pliers,
  • File,
  • Hacksaw for metal.

As for materials, to repair the dispensary you will need silicone or automotive sealant. In advanced cases, a new replacement tray is also needed. But you don’t need to buy an analogue right away - you should first make sure that the old one is faulty.

How to fix it?

As soon as dripping drops are detected at the end of the Samsung washing machine while drawing water, the cycle must be forcibly stopped. If you were unable to immediately determine the location of the leak, do not worry - during the disassembly of the machine, the cause will be found and eliminated. The main thing is to act extremely carefully and not deviate from the instructions.

First, open the powder receptacle and, pressing on the central compartment, remove the hopper from its seat. Afterwards, we try to carefully inspect the body of the dispensary for cracks, chips and other suspicious holes and damage. We immediately pay attention to existing blockages. If the walls of the tray are covered with a thick layer of scale, then cleaning is necessary. Dried detergent is likely trapping water in the “box,” causing overflow and leakage throughout the body. When there are no visible reasons for the leak, we continue the diagnosis. Then we proceed like this.

  • Using a plus screwdriver, loosen the screws holding the tray.
  • We unscrew the screws securing the cover from the back wall and, pushing the “top” away from us, remove it to the side.
  • We find four pipes connected to the dispensary. Two of them are immediately visible, as they are needed for filling water and are located at the rear wall of the bunker. The third is used for air conditioning and is attached to the right-side panel. The fourth is a thick corrugation and is located on the left, which is why it often rubs against the counterweight.
  • Using pliers, release the clamps on the pipes and disconnect the rubber bands from the pipes.
  • We take out the powder receptacle.
  • We inspect all the removed parts.

Now you can begin the actual repair. The first step is to clean the dispensary and all components from scale and dried detergents. Then we pay attention to the thick corrugation, which often wears off on the counterweight and requires replacement. There is no point in trying to patch it - it is better not to save money and order an analogue from a service center. Ideally, the concrete causing the hole should be sealed with a layer of polyethylene or soft plastic to minimize future damage. In addition, the problem area is filled with sealant.

To prevent the leakage situation from happening again, technicians advise adjusting the washing machine. We take a building level and, tightening the legs, install the machine as level as possible. It is important to remove the slight forward tilt, which accelerates the flow of water and puts the equipment in a dangerous position.

The machine is assembled according to the instructions described above in reverse order. The main thing is to be sure to run a test wash and check whether you managed to cope with the leakage. If the trickle appears again, call a specialist.