Washing machine start button not working

Washing machine start button not working

Without a start button, the washing machine is completely inoperative. Meanwhile, this key is as vulnerable as it needs to be. With interaction with it, the operation of the unit begins directly. If the button sinks, then you can still work with it, but if not? Let's figure out what to do when the "Start" button in the washing machine does not turn on.

Why did this happen?

It is difficult to figure out what caused the uncharacteristic behaviour of the Start button. The case can be either in a single system failure, which is fixed in just a couple of minutes, or in serious technical problems. Try restarting the machine. If the problem is not resolved after this action, a thorough diagnosis will have to be made. The reasons for the failure can be the following factors:

  • Network filter problems,
  • The key itself is broken or the groove is clogged,
  • Technical failure of the UBL or debris getting into the lock, which leads to an erroneous reaction of the UBL,
  • problems with the control module board.

There is an LED circuit on the program selector, which in most cases is the cause of problems with the start button. LG machines are especially affected by this, since almost all of them are equipped with a selector, through which programs are selected. You can check your guesses and solve the problem yourself and quite quickly. For this:

  • Start the machine,
  • Rotate the program wheel in sequence, pausing in front of each mode, checking if all the lights are on.

This is because the connection in the network is serial, and the signal goes from one bulb to another. If the network is broken, the control module simply does not receive a command to start washing, and the corresponding button does not work.


First of all, of course, it is necessary to disconnect the washer from all communications. It is also desirable to move it away from the wall or push it out of the headset so that nothing blocks access to it and does not interfere.

  • Loosen the screws holding the top panel and remove it.
  • Remove the dispenser after loosening the screws.

  • Unclip the dashboard,
  • Remove the electronic board,

  • Find out which LED is burned out and unplug it,
  • Instead of the old diode, you need to solder a new one,
  • Install the board and see if all the lights are on this time,
  • Proceed in the reverse order to mount the washer again.

It is not necessary to focus your attention only on this problem. Several factors can lead to interruptions with the Start button. Therefore, when working at the same time, you can check the surge protector and other buttons on the control panel with a multimeter, especially Start.

If the problem lies in the board, it will not be possible to repair it yourself, since this requires special equipment. You have to go to the service center.