Washing machine motor brushes sparkle

Washing machine motor brushes sparkle

After replacing the brushes on the collector motor, many owners of washing machines note that the machine starts to spark. Despite the frightening appearance of the phenomenon, if the brushes of the washing machine engine spark, then this is normal because after replacement, new parts cannot provide the desired contact patch with the collector for some time, so sparks will appear until they are lapped. However, you should not leave a sparkling home assistant waiting until the brushes rub in during this process because this violates fire safety rules. Therefore, we will analyze how to commission new brushes for a washing machine safely.

How do you grind brushes in advance?

We have already figured out why the electric motor brushes spark strongly. It remains only to understand how to fix it correctly. Since the collector motor of a modern SM is very resourceful, you can’t just replace the brushes and do nothing to ensure their stable operation. You need to eliminate the causes of sparks, so the contact patch of the brush with the commutator must be as large as possible, for which you must carefully adjust new elements to the development of the commutator. You need a later or an electronic speed controller with a tacho sensor. The easiest way to buy a regulator is in a household appliance store or on a marketplace .

When the brushes are replaced, you need to increase the speed to the maximum slowly, and if sparks begin to appear, slowly lower the speed until the sparks disappear completely. After that, you should leave the knot like this for 20-30 minutes, and after a break, raise the speed to the maximum possible again. So it is necessary to repeat until there are no sparks at maximum speed. Also, you must wipe the collector with a rag before connecting it to remove the oxide film. It is not recommended to use sandpaper on the brushes as it can cause damage to the parts even before they are used.


Changing brushes correctly

Even the equipment owner without experience and professional knowledge can handle the replacement of brushes, but in case, we have written detailed instructions to help avoid elementary installation problems. Follow each step carefully to eliminate all causes of sparks.

  • Open the back wall of the washer, disconnect the wiring from the motor and unscrew all the screws holding it.
  • Locate the brushes installed on both sides of the motor housing.
  • Use a screwdriver to press the brush lever to remove it.
  • Examine the appearance of the brushes. If the protruding part of the corner is less than 1.5 centimetres, then must replace the part. Otherwise, seek the cause of sparking, shaking, and noise elsewhere.
  • Clean the surface of the engine using 0-grit sandpaper plus a rag to remove dust.
  • Attach the new brushes securely in place.

If you did not purchase completely new brushes in the body, then it is permissible to change only the carbon protrusion of the element. In this case, the instruction is as follows:

  • We disassemble the plastic shell, which must be divided into two parts,
  • Using a soldering iron, remove the worn plate and straighten the spring,
  • We measure the length of the new brush, which must perfectly match the case,
  • We play around, clean the contacts, align the wire, and then install the coal using the bronze guide as a guide, solder the wires and close the case until it clicks.

After this procedure, it remains only to install the engine in its place. Follow our instructions in reverse order and remember to tighten all fixing screws securely.