Washing machine door lock is not working

Washing machine door lock is not working

If the lock on the washing machine does not work, you can forget about washing until the problem is solved. If the lock is stuck in the Open position, then the control module of the washer will not be able to start the machine's working cycle. The device will see a problem with UBL; therefore, it will block all buttons except on and off and display an error code. It's not worth trying to get around this problem. It's better to start diagnosing to understand if this is a mechanical failure or a problem with the UBL. Today we will tell you how to calculate and fix this problem accurately.

List of possible causes of the problem

Even service center professionals will not be able to immediately say why the door lock does not work since there are too many possible causes of failure. For example, the sunroof may not close due to the following problems:

  • Sagging door hinges,
  • the plastic tongue on the hatch lock has shifted,
  • UBL broke,
  • the lock guide or rubber gasket has worn out from time to time.

If you purchased your washing machine relatively recently, and it is a modern model, it has a self-diagnosis system. This helpful feature can tell you what to do about a malfunction by displaying a code on the dashboard.

Usually, the sunroof won't close either mechanically or electronically. But wherever the cause of the problem is, the washer will start washing once the cause is eliminated. So we pass from words to diagnostics and repair.

Faulty door mechanism

Because the lock mechanism on the hatch most often fails, it is worth starting the check with it. For example, when the lock on the washing machine does not work, it can break the locking mechanism. In addition, the element is skewed, and even the door sags. All of the above may arise due to inaccurate operation. For example, if slammed the door too hard, hung heavy things on it, or children were riding on the hatch.

When the machine stops closing, and there is no characteristic lock click, you face a mechanical problem. Unfortunately, there are also several types of mechanical failure.

  • The door stopped closing completely - skewed. Most likely, the hinges sagged in your home assistant, so the lock tongue stopped falling into the groove. It is easy to fix this damage - tighten the hinges and adjust the door level with your hands.
  • You need to check the tongue when the door can be closed but does not lock in the Closed position. Perhaps the metal rod holding it is skewed or has fallen out. Correcting this problem will take longer - you need to disassemble the door and return the tongue to its original position. If you cannot do this, you must change the whole part.
  • The situation when the hatch can be closed and fixed, but there is no characteristic click. The problem lies in the guide. We are talking about a thin plate placed in the washer in the UBL case for the final fixation of the door. If the plate is worn out or changes its position over time, there will be no more joints and a click.

Each of the three listed cases requires the hatch to be disassembled and its lock to assess the details' condition. When adjusting or restoring the damaged element is impossible, you must buy a new one. If you need to know exactly the lock device or are not confident in your abilities, then it would be better to call a service center specialist.

Blocking device

If all the mechanics are in order: the lock works, the first click is also there, but there is no second one, then it is necessary to check the hatch-blocking device. UBL in household appliances is responsible for the electronic fixation of the door - additional protection, without the regular operation of which not a single washing machine will start washing. If the machine were washing without this electronic protection, an inexperienced owner or a child could open the hatch right in the middle of the work cycle, which would damage the device and cause a real flood.

If the sunroof lock device is not functioning, the door lock will not work. In addition, it may not activate electronic protection due to several reasons.

  • Depreciation due to the long period of operation of the washing machine. The UBL bimetallic plate could wear out and lose electrical conductivity if you have used a home assistant for many years. In this case, the repair is impossible, and a new protective element must be purchased.
  • Device blockage. This is the least terrible problem because if debris gets into the UBL, you can disassemble the element and remove all small foreign objects.
  • The worst option is a malfunction in the control board. In this case, the sunroof-blocking device loses communication with the electronic unit of the home assistant. This can happen due to burnt tracks, trials, problems with the firmware of the machine, or due to a banal system failure. If you suspect this particular option, then just in case, reboot the device. If the same error number appears on display again, then it will be necessary to conduct a comprehensive check of the control module.

You can check the mechanics at home, using elementary tools for this. However, in that case, it is better to transfer the diagnostics of the electronic systems of the washing machine to specialists. With professional education and experience, you can harm the UBL and the washer, increasing the repair cost. Therefore, feel free to check the door mechanism personally, and trust the hatch-blocking device and the control module to professionals so that your equipment will serve you for a long time.