Tips for choosing an air conditioner

Tips for choosing an air conditioner

When buying an air conditioner, you first need to choose which of the options on the market is the best fit. The choice is wide enough. Accordingly, you need to figure out what are the pros and cons of all types of air conditioners.

Wall split system

This option of air conditioners, which is offered on the market, is the most common and popular. It is very compact, comfortable and easy enough to fit in any interior. In the system of this air conditioner, there are two units that are interconnected by copper tubes. One of these blocks is mounted on the outer wall of the building, the second - indoors.

To protect residents from excess noise that the compressor creates, it is placed inside the external unit. The main difference of the split system is that, due to the small capacity of the air conditioner, it can only cool one small room with high quality.

Multi split system

To ensure the optimum temperature in the entire apartment, it is necessary to install a split system in each room. Not everyone has such an opportunity. To exit this situation, there are multi split systems. They differ in that several internal ones are connected to the external unit. They can even be up to nine pieces.

Blocks that are placed indoors can be of various types. They can be attached to the ceiling and floor, as well as cassette. The downside is that such a system will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than a separate installation of split systems. This is due to the fact that when installing a multi-split system, fairly long communications are carried out.

The main advantage of such air conditioners is that the external walls of the building are not overloaded with an extra number of blocks. The appearance of the structure is not spoiled and does not attract too much attention.

Channel Split System

In order to preserve the interior indoors and not install indoor units, there is a channel split system of air conditioners. It hides behind suspended ceilings and is mounted in such a way that it can cool several rooms at once.

The power of such an air conditioner may well be enough for a small office, or an apartment and a house of 5 rooms. The entire vent system is also mounted behind suspended ceilings. In order for fresh air from the street to mix into the system, the air conditioning duct is led out.

When installing such a system, you do not need to worry about the height of the ceilings. It does not really decrease. The main thing is to choose where the indoor unit will be installed. It is best that it be a pantry or a toilet. At this point, the ceiling level will decrease by 40 cm. In rooms - only by 10 cm. There, only the air outlet will pass under the ceiling.

One of the disadvantages of such an air conditioner is that the temperature regime is set the same for all rooms. After all, the temperature sensor will be located only in one of the rooms.

Mobile air conditioning

This type of air conditioner is convenient to use when moving frequently and in the country. It is installed on the floor, and a flexible and fairly long air outlet is discharged into a special hole or window. It is in it that warm air is released.

The main advantage of such a system is that it is convenient to move and its power is quite low. But at the same time, a rather noisy compressor and a high price are not very attractive to buyers. The unit, which is mounted externally, is connected to the internal installation thanks to special latches.

Window air conditioner

This type of air conditioner was produced earlier than all the rest. It consists of a mono block, which is inserted into a window or crashes into a thin wall. He has a lot of shortcomings. Such an air conditioner is not able to cool a room that has complex geometry. It is very noisy and has low power. Due to the fact that it is cut into the window, the lighting in the room is significantly reduced. The only advantage of a window air conditioner is its low cost.

When the type of air conditioner is determined, you need to choose the manufacturer. It is necessary to be interested in whether they have a service center and whether they install and then issue a warranty card. In no case should you hire outsiders. Indeed, almost all air conditioners break down subsequently improper installation.

It must be remembered that for prolonged use of the air conditioner, several important rules must be observed. Before the start of the season, a specialist is called. The master cleans the system, conducts diagnostics and refills Freon. This must be done every year. Once a month, the filters of the indoor unit are cleaned. This is pretty easy to do and you can do it yourself.