The washing machine's programs go wrong - we fix it ourselves

The washing machine's programs go wrong - we fix it ourselves

Problems with erratic washing programs most often arise in various models of Indesit, Beko, Kandy washing machines and in overly complex machines from other manufacturers with a large number of functions. Favorite programs that you are already accustomed to and often use are either simply not displayed, or are displayed, but get lost. The machine switches them or simply does not complete them. What is the cause of such breakdowns and what to do in order to eliminate them, we will consider in this article.

Preliminary actions

What to do if your favorite washing program on your washing machine has gone wrong? First of all, you should not panic, run and call the technician, or even worse, rush to disassemble the washing machine. There are many custom methods for eliminating such problems; it’s not certain that they will work, but it’s worth a try. Let's list them.

  • Restarting the washing machine from the on/off button, as well as by disconnecting the power cord.
  • Starting the washing machine in test mode.
  • Starting self-diagnosis of the washing machine.

When installing and starting a specific washing mode, a failure may occur. If the machine does not perform a program, the first thing to do is press the power off button of the washing machine, then wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again and set the desired washing program. If this does not help and the problem continues, unplug the washing machine again, this time not only from the button, but also from the outlet. Wait 5 minutes and then start the appliance again.

Some modern models of Indesit washing machines (and others) have built-in test modes or self-diagnosis modes. The manufacturer specifically provided them for finding and correcting such failures. This mode can actually solve the problem only in 10% of cases. Its main task is to find the cause of the malfunction and thereby save a lot of your effort and energy.

If the machine does not have a self-diagnosis mode or test mode, you will have to solve the problem manually through a scrupulous and methodical search. What else needs to be done as part of the preliminary actions? You need to check the connection of the machine to the sewer.

If the program fails during the rinse/spin phase, but the washing process has completed normally, you should clean the washing machine drain filter. What to do?

  • In the lower right corner of the machine we find a folding protective bar.
  • Under the bar we find a large drain filter plug.
  • Place a large rag under the machine, then open the plug and drain all the water from the hole.
  • We check the filter for the presence of foreign objects: hair, coins, paper clips, pieces of paper, etc.
  • We put the plug back in place and try to start the washing program again.

Problems with the control unit and wiring

If the above actions do not lead to a positive effect and the program failure recurs, you should check the control unit and electrical wiring. First of all, you should disassemble the washing machine by removing its front wall. Having reached the control unit, you need to check all the contacts and wiring one by one using a multimeter, starting with the on/off button.

If the test of the control unit does not bring positive results, you will have to go further and check the wiring going to all units and sensors of the washing machine, paying special attention to the pressure switch (water level sensor), drain and fill valves. When checking, pay attention to any oddities:

  • Burnt contacts,
  • Frayed or heavily twisted wires,
  • Poorly secured and loose terminals,
  • Unscrewed sensor fasteners,
  • Traces of mechanical damage to sensors,
  • Melting of the housing of board parts, etc.

Any suspicious parts or wires need to be more carefully checked and replaced. If these actions do not have an effect, most likely the problem is in one of the units of the washing machine. And this threatens very expensive repairs.

Problems with the main components of the machine

Quite often, a failure of the washing program is caused by a breakdown of the heating element. The system determines that it is impossible to heat the water in the tank to the required temperature and therefore does not start the washing program. True, in this case, the corresponding error code should appear on the display of the washing machine, but this does not always happen; the result is a program failure. The problem is solved by checking and replacing the heating element.

In some cases, a failed washing program can be caused by a faulty electric motor. It is best to entrust its disassembly and inspection to a professional. In many cases, the engine can be repaired without having to replace this part. You also need to check the drain pump with a multimeter. It happens that the unit itself works, but due to poor contact with the sensor, malfunctions periodically occur, which are reflected in the control unit. The problem is solved by replacing the contacts or sensor of the drain pump.

To summarize, we note that if the washing machine switches or does not perform washing programs, this may indicate a serious malfunction of one of its units. If you cannot solve the problem by rebooting or self-testing the machine, you will have to disassemble it and, starting with the control unit, check all the electrical components until the cause of the malfunction is discovered. Luck with searching!