The washing machine motor or other parts spark

The washing machine motor or other parts spark

How does this problem manifest itself? You may notice small flashes of light appearing under the bottom of your machine. In simple terms, it sparkles. If you find such a problem, you must immediately turn off the power to your washing machine. In this condition, operating household appliances can be very dangerous. Therefore, before you continue washing, you need to do the repairs yourself or call a specialist.

You may also notice a smell reminiscent of something burning or melted plastic. In some cases, you may be able to see sparks through the clear part of the door.

What can cause this problem?

This may be a short circuit of the heating element (heating element).

  • Module failure.
  • Worn washing machine motor brushes.
  • Damage to the engine manifold lamellas.

As we already wrote above, first of all, we need to de-energize our household appliances by disconnecting them from the network.

Short circuit of the heating element (heating element)

This malfunction can be seen through the hatch door. With such a breakdown, you may notice sparking at the bottom of the hatch. To make sure that it is the heating element (heating element) that is faulty, you need to check it with a multimeter (tester). Once the fault has been identified, you can replace the broken heating element with a new one and enjoy the normal operation of your machine.

Module failure

Voltage fluctuations can cause sparks to appear on the SMA control module. Such sparking often leaves dark marks on it. If you leave the occurring power fluctuations unattended, then over time they will definitely ruin this expensive part of your machine.

If the module does break down, you may notice all the indicator lights blinking. In this case, it is necessary to replace or repair the module. By the way, if such a breakdown occurs, we do not recommend repairing the washing machine yourself. If you do not have experience in this matter, then it is better to seek help from professionals.

Worn motor brushes

If you have been using your washing machine for a long time, then it is possible that the motor brushes are already quite worn out. In this case, they are not in close enough contact with the collector, which causes such sparking. If this malfunction occurs, you will have to remove the motor and replace the brushes. To clearly demonstrate the entire process of removing the engine and replacing the brushes

Damage to the engine manifold lamellas

If the engine brushes are in acceptable condition, but sparks still occur, then the lamellas may break or be severely worn. They can fail with frequent and prolonged use of the washing machine. The presence of this malfunction is checked as follows: it is necessary to manually turn the engine shaft several times.

At the same time, you can hear the knock of the brushes on the slats. This knock tells us that the slats are faulty. Unfortunately, they cannot be replaced. And in order to fix the damage, you will have to replace the entire engine. The video above shows how to remove and install the motor to change the brushes. It will help you remove the old engine and replace it with a new one.