The washing machine leaks when spinning from below - what to do

The washing machine leaks when spinning from below - what to do

Finding a puddle of water under your washing machine is quite unpleasant. Such a problem requires an early solution, because its consequences can be very serious. Not only will the machine itself suffer, but your neighbors may also suffer from leaking water if you live in a multi-story building. Cases of water leakage may vary, but we decided to pay attention to when the washing machine leaks during the spin cycle. It is during the spin cycle that water leaks most often.

Reasons for water leakage during spinning

When, after several washes, you discover that water is flowing under the washing machine during the spin cycle, you should seriously think about solving and eliminating this problem. There may be several reasons for this, we list them:

  • The tightness of the connection of the pipes is broken,
  • The drain hose burst,
  • The water drain filter is clogged,
  • Seals are faulty,
  • Bearings have failed,
  • The drain pump has broken down.

How to find a fault?

The first thing you need to do when starting to look for the cause of water leakage is to turn off the power to the washing machine. Check if the water drain filter is clogged. Perhaps the reason is that it is not closed well, so water leaks out. Typically, the drain filter is located at the bottom of the machine body, under the front strip. Manufacturers often build it under a special cover that opens easily. If there is no such cover, you will have to completely unscrew the bottom plastic panel.

You can then inspect the drain hose and where it connects to the machine's drain pump. For most well-known brands of washing machines (LG, Samsung, Indesit, Ariston, Whirlpool, Candy, Beko, Ardo), you can get to the hose connection through the bottom of the machine. Just lay it on its side and see how tightly and tightly the hose is screwed to the pump.

In cars under the Electrolux and Zanussi brands, to check the connection location, you will have to remove the back cover of the case. The connection between the drain hose and the drain pump in machines under the Bosch and Siemens brands is difficult to access. You will have to disassemble the front of the machine, first removing the powder tray and cuff.

Having ruled out the drain hose as the cause of the washing machine leaking from below during the spin cycle, we move on to inspecting the seals and bearings. When the seals wear out, water drips appear on the back of the machine drum. To see all this, you will have to remove the back cover of the case. As for the bearings, their failure is accompanied by a grinding noise during drum rotation.

If the above reasons were excluded during the inspection, one thing remains - the drain pump is broken. However, we remind you that only a specialist can accurately diagnose the reasons why water flows from the machine during the spin cycle.

Corrective Actions

The most solvable problem is a malfunction of the drain filter. If the filter is clean, but it cannot be tightened tightly because the thread is broken, then it needs to be replaced. Buy a similar filter in the store and install it in place.

With simple plumbing skills, you can replace the drain hose yourself if the cause of water leakage is in it. We described above how to get to the place where the hose is connected to the machine, then you need to:

  • Pull out the drain hose from the sewer outlet,
  • Using a screwdriver, loosen the clamp securing the hose to the pump,
  • Remove the drain hose from the drain pump,
  • Remove all fasteners securing the hose,
  • Take a new hose and connect it to the pump and then to the drainpipe outlet.
  • The entire process for different brands of washing machines can be read in detail in the article about replacing the drain hose.

If you need to replace seals or bearings in a washing machine, you need to almost disassemble the machine completely itself, because you won’t be able to get to them otherwise. Few people decide to undertake such home repair work. For those who nevertheless set the goal of eliminating such a malfunction on their own, on our website there is an article “How to replace the tank seal?

In addition, you can watch a video recording that will help you repair your car, as well as evaluate the complexity of such repairs.

If the reason that the washing machine leaks during the spin cycle turns out to be a broken drain pump, then in this case you will also have to do serious work, not to mention the cost of purchasing a new similar part.

In conclusion, we note that if water flows from the washing machine during the spin process, this may indicate a serious malfunction. So, the malfunction makes itself felt precisely during the spin process, when the machine is running at full power, at high speeds. Whatever the problem, it must be solved as soon as possible, otherwise it will lead to the most unfavourable consequences.