The washing machine is 10 years old, is it worth repairing?

The washing machine is 10 years old, is it worth repairing?

If a washing machine is 10 years old and suddenly refuses to work as usual, the owner faces a serious dilemma. On the one hand, the unit is proven and already familiar, but on the other, repairs can cost more than buying a new machine. To choose the right option, it is worth estimating the amount of damage, determining the scale of the trouble, and calculating the feasibility of investing in broken equipment. The following recommendations will help you with your calculations:

Let us talk about the benefits of repairs.

To understand whether it is worth repairing ten-year-old equipment, you need to find out what went wrong and how much it will take to solve the problem. As a rule, 90% of problems that arise in a washing machine can be fixed for little money, which is many times more profitable than buying a new model. Thus, replacing a faulty drain pump with consumables and the work of a technician will cost a maximum of 2,500 Rupee. Tensioning a whole drive belt instead of a worn one costs 1200-1500 Rupee. At the same time, the cost of the cheapest washing machine starts from 10,000 Rupee.

But sometimes the benefits are not so obvious. If the electronic unit breaks down, the engine burns out, or a non-separable tank needs to be replaced, the repair will cost 5-8 thousand or even more. In such cases, it makes more sense to think about investing in a new, more reliable machine. Remember that no technician can guarantee that after a resolved problem another problem will not arise. Remember that the device of a 10-year-old machine is already very flimsy and is subject to wear and tear faster. Especially if the washing machine is budget, from the brands Onida, Indesit, Vestel, or Zanussi. Such machines are called disposable and are not repaired, since after reasonable work in 2-3 years they fully justify the initial price.

In other cases, when a machine worth 25 thousand Rupee or more has broken down and there is a reason to repair it to work for another 3-5 years, it is better not to rush into buying a new washing machine. Moreover, often the problem only seems catastrophic, and the called technician estimates the problem at a modest 1-3 thousand. But it also happens the other way around, and a banal replacement of a heating element reveals a rusted housing, a faulty pump, and other expensive things. Often one breakdown leads to another, just like when repairing an electric motor, you must change the brushes, drive, and wiring. Then you will have to think about whether there is a need to extend the life of the unit by only six months.

It is another matter if a broken old machine has mechanical control. Similar models are no longer produced but are still being repaired. The secret is the high reliability of the devices and their resistance to wear. Therefore, it is more profitable for a mechanic to repair since modern electronic models break down many times more often. Even repairing a bearing assembly for 5 thousand will be more reasonable than purchasing a new unit. The main thing is that the owners themselves should not be embarrassed by the old style of the washing machine.

To decide what to do with your old washing machine, you need to accurately assess the losses incurred. If the upcoming repairs are comparable to the purchase of a new machine, then the choice is obvious.

Is it worth looking for the breakdown yourself?

Only a professional can independently estimate the cost of repairs. To do this you need to have the appropriate knowledge and a lot of practice. For example, if you see that the indicators on an Indesit washing machine are blinking chaotically, you can blame the electronics for the breakdown. Repairing the control board is an expensive proposition, and the solution is to abandon the old washing machine and buy a new model. But in fact, by flashing the lights, the system reports problems with the drainage system. You just need to clean the clogged garbage filter, which you can do with your own hands free.

It is better to immediately contact the service staff. Having paid 400-800 Rupee for a comprehensive inspection, the owner of the washing machine will receive a detailed report with prices and forecasts for the near future of the unit. In most companies the consultation will be free for further repairs, so it is up to you.