The washing machine fills with water intermittently

The washing machine fills with water intermittently

Many users notice that the washing machine fills with water intermittently. This phenomenon is especially often observed in machines from LG, Samsung, and others. Moreover, the “home assistant” behaves this way only at the very beginning of the cycle, and then the tank is filled as usual. Sometimes everything is aggravated by the shaking of the inlet hose. Let us figure out what could cause this situation and what to do in this case.

Why did the breakdown occur, and how to fix it?

For an automatic machine to effectively rinse the detergent from the powder receptacle, the inlet valve, as conceived by the engineers, should supply water in parts at the very beginning of the cycle. This explains the small jumps. With normal pressure in the water pipe, jerks are not felt by users and do not lead to “shaking” of the inlet hose.

The solution to the problem is quite simple. You need to find a tee tap to which the water inlet hose is connected. The valve should be slightly closed - this will reduce the pressure of the jet entering the system.

If you cannot adjust the tap perfectly the first time, try again during the second wash. This way you can achieve optimal water pressure. If a shut-off valve is not installed in front of the washing machine, try reducing the pressure on the common cold-water riser.

The mesh filter is to blame.

The reason that the automatic machine draws water in jerks may be a clogged inlet valve filter. Cleaning the mesh is quite simple - even a “newbie” can cope with this task. The process requires only pliers and a screwdriver; the work will take no more than 15 minutes.

The inlet valve mesh performs an important function - it traps various impurities and dirt contained in tap water, protecting the washing machine. Over time, it becomes clogged - this leads to difficulty in water flow. To get rid of jerking, you will have to clean the filter.

The filter mesh is located at the point where the inlet hose is connected to the washing machine body. Before trying to get to the element, it is necessary to turn off the power to the automatic machine and close the shut-off valve. Let us figure out how to proceed.

Cleaning the filter element

The intake valve screen may be partially covered with limescale. For this reason, the normal flow of water into the system will be disrupted. To clean the filter, you need to:

  • Carefully unscrew the clamp that secures the inlet hose to the machine body,
  • Move the hose aside,
  • Look into the fitting - there is a mesh there,
  • Grab the protruding edge of the filter with pliers and pull the element towards you,
  • Using a napkin or toothbrush, remove all plaque from the mesh and rinse it under warm running water.

After cleaning, the filter element is installed back. Next, the inlet hose is connected to the machine and secured with a fastening nut. When finished, run a test wash. Usually, after such manipulation, the washing machine begins to fill without jerking, in normal mode.