The washing machine drum does not rotate

The washing machine drum does not rotate

Often, with this problem, the machine drum can be turned independently without effort, but the washing machine cannot rotate it on its own. Perhaps the most common breakdown that can cause such a situation is a malfunction of the drive belt, its weakening. Or it has slipped and is in the wrong position. If the belt is simply loose or worn out, then it simply spins. Therefore, the drum does not rotate well. In case of such breakdowns, we can repair our machine ourselves without any complications.

Replacing the washing machine drive belt

To replace the drive belt, we need to remove part of the washing machine body. There are two options on how to do this. In the first, we need to remove the upper part of the body (lid) of the washing machine. Then you need to find the old belt. And if it is torn, then we remove it and replace it with a new one. And if it just slipped, then we return it to its place.

The other option is simpler. And it doesn't matter how thin your hands are. The whole process is more convenient, since all those rotating parts on which the belt is put on (pulley and motor) are clearly visible and accessible. Here we turn the back of the machine towards us and remove the back wall of the washing machine body. To do this we need to unscrew several screws. As mentioned above, by removing the back wall, we will see everything we need. Therefore, replacement will be easier.

If the belt is in place, but is simply frayed and weakened, then remove it. To do this, pull it on yourself and turn the pulley. Then we put on the belt. First of all, we put it on the motor, and only then on the pulley. After this, we level it if it was not dressed evenly. And we check. To do this, simply rotate the pulley. If everything is in order, then close the housing wall and carry out a test wash.

Foreign object in the machine

A foreign object caught inside the washing machine, namely between the drum and the tub, can also disrupt the normal rotation of the drum. As a rule, this is a bra wire or other small thing. How can you be sure this is the problem? First check if the drum is spinning. Try to crank it up.

You can remove an object caught between the drum and the tank through the hole in which the heating element is installed. Naturally, the heating element will need to be removed.

Bearing failure

If the bearings are worn out or stuck, the drum will also not rotate even by hand. This usually happens with washing machines that are used frequently and/or for a long time. In addition, this can also happen when using low-quality detergents. From them, the cuff can become unusable and begin to leak water directly into our bearings. And such a situation will definitely lead to their breakdown. This failure may cause water to leak through the bearing assembly. Changing bearings on your own is quite difficult for a beginner. To do this, we will need almost complete disassembly of our household appliances. Therefore, for those who are not ready to work hard and hard and do not want to take risks, it will be easier to call a professional master.


And for those who are not intimidated by the large amount of work, we will help and provide video instructions. The most complete instructions for disassembling the washing machine yourself and replacing bearings, unfortunately, are only available in English. And even those people who do not understand English will be able to do everything on their own, simply repeating the actions of the master. But the work is not easy. And you will make repairs at your own peril and risk.


In those washing machines that were manufactured a long time ago, the capacitor may become unusable. It is located near the car engine and looks like a cylinder. A faulty capacitor will prevent the motor from running. To eliminate this breakdown, you need to replace the capacitor with one that is working.