The washing machine door (hatch, door) does not close

The washing machine door (hatch, door) does not close

Unfortunately, all household appliances break down sooner or later. Nothing is eternal. Refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines break down. And there can be a lot of different breakdowns. The refrigerator may stop cooling, or suddenly start turning off, and so on. The dishwasher may begin to wash dishes less efficiently or stop draining water.

Various problems can also occur with a washing machine. There are also minor malfunctions, in the presence of which the equipment can continue to function more or less normally. But if the machine’s hatch door does not close, then it is impossible to start the wash. That is why such a breakdown can be a very unpleasant surprise for anyone.

How to close a washing machine?

The hatch does not lock in the closed position

This problem often occurs with machines manufactured under the Kandy brand and some Indesit models. Quite often it is associated with a broken guide. If your car has a guide made of plastic, then it is at risk. This part is located on the hatch body directly under the fixing tab. Its breakdown may be due to a slight bending of the door. To solve the problem you need to replace the broken part with a new one. And when using the machine further, be as careful as possible.

For other machines, a similar problem may be due to a completely different reason. The locking tab itself may become askew. And when mowing it, the following happens: it simply does not fall into the blocking hole. Accordingly, the washing machine hatch cannot close. This trouble occurs when the rod that holds the tongue in the required position falls out. In order to return the tongue to its place, we need to disassemble the hatch and put back the metal rod.

The door closes but does not lock

In this situation, washing will not start. Simply because the machine will not understand that the door is closed. And the broken lock is to blame for everything. The main function of the hatch lock is to secure the hatch in the closed position during washing. Simply put, it prevents the door from opening when the washing machine is doing its job.

The hatch handle is broken

The hatch handle is involved in opening and closing the washing machine. And it is quite natural that over time it can break. In addition, it can become unusable if you use it carelessly. For example, they pulled too hard, etc. If the handle of your machine is broken, then it needs to be replaced. Usually this problem occurs with plastic parts. Because they are the most fragile.

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