The washing machine does not turn off - how to fix it?

The washing machine does not turn off - how to fix it?

Typically, a working machine turns off automatically after it has completed a full wash cycle. It's programmed to go into shutdown mode when it's done. But, unfortunately, it happens differently. That is, it simply does not turn off.

This situation can occur when an unexpected failure occurs in the control system of the washing machine. The consequences of this failure may be a locked hatch door that does not want to open. With this malfunction, you simply cannot get washed laundry. Other problems may also arise.

Washing machine problems and solutions

Let's look at this issue in more detail and decide what needs to be done to solve the problem.

Situation No. 1: the power suddenly turned off

In this case, the machine stops. Without electricity, she simply cannot continue washing. In this case, there is no need to worry. When power returns, washing will continue. You can also unplug it from the outlet. This must be done if voltage drops are possible in the future. When the power supply is restored, you can reconnect the machine.

Situation No. 2: the machine is frozen and nothing happens

First, check for electricity. To do this, you can simply turn on the light or any electrical appliance. If there is no electricity, then read the paragraph above. If everything is fine with electricity, then look at what is written on the display of the washing machine (if it is included in the design). If the display contains numbers or other symbols unknown to you, then most likely they mean there is an error.

Situation No. 3: an emergency shutdown of the washing machine is necessary

Whatever happens to your washing machine, you can always interrupt it. In order to stop the program, you need to press the wash button. And hold it for 5-10 seconds. After these steps, the machine’s operation will be interrupted.

If you need to remove laundry, you will most likely need to wait 2-3 minutes for the hatch door to unlock. If you don’t need to take out the laundry, but just need to change the washing program or start it in a new way, then you can do this and start the machine again.

Situation No. 4: You need to remove washable items as quickly as possible

Select "Spin" and set the mode to "Do not spin". After this, automatic drainage of water will start. After which the door of the washing machine can be opened. By the way, with this solution, things will not be wrung out and will be very wet. To make them less wet, you can run a spin cycle.

Situation No. 5: All the above methods did not work, and you urgently need to drain the water and stop the wash

But keep in mind that all the water in the tank will spill directly onto the floor. Therefore, prepare in advance and place a low but capacious container under the filter location. It’s also better to prepare a rag. The filter is usually hidden behind a removable panel. It will need to be removed. And the filter itself simply twists.

Situation No 6: The washing machine does not respond to everything you do

In this case, you need to unplug the cord from the outlet, thus turning off the power to your machine. Then wait 10 to 15 minutes. And turn it on again. If the problem reappears, you can try this advice again or contact a professional repairman.