The washing machine does not pick up the powder - it does not wash away

The washing machine does not pick up the powder - it does not wash away

Sometimes it happens that the washing machine does not use detergent or conditioner. That is, you place it in the required section of the dispenser and start washing. And then you notice that the detergent simply was not used. It is still in the plastic tray.

Naturally, you understand that the machine must use these detergents. And the fact that she left them suggests that some kind of malfunction arose. And then we will analyze all the reasons for this situation to arise.

Causes of malfunction

So, let's get started. You have already tried washing, added washing powder, added conditioner, or used other means. We have already started the wash and made sure that the machine does not pick them up. Now all that remains is to understand why this is happening?

To begin with, let’s not sound the alarm and just check which compartment of the dispenser you placed the powder/conditioner in. If you have always used this compartment and everything was fine. And now this problem has suddenly arisen, we recommend that you play it safe and carefully study the instructions again. It is possible that you were simply mistaken.

After this check, let's move on to the next one: make sure you used the same detergent. If you used to use one washing powder, but now you decide to change it and use another one. And the same problem arose during the first wash. There is a possibility that the problem is in the powder. You could also accidentally purchase a counterfeit product. Usually fakes are of very poor quality. So try using the same powder as usual. And buy it where you always bought it.

Low water pressure can also have an effect. Fortunately, you don’t need any tools or special skills to check it. Just turn on the cold water (if your machine is connected only to cold) and check the pressure. If you see that the water is barely flowing, then most likely this is the problem. And the weak pressure does not allow you to wash off all the washing powder from the dispenser. If you usually don’t experience such problems with the plumbing in your home, you can call the housing office. Talk to the housing office employees to report the problem and find out when normal water pressure will resume.

Another reason that the powder remains in its tray is a clogged filling filter. This filter is a fine metal mesh. It is necessary to ensure that various debris or pieces of rust that may be in tap water do not get inside the machine. After all, our water pipes may contain various small particles of dirt or debris that can harm household appliances. When the mesh becomes clogged, water cannot flow into the machine as well as it did before. Which can cause a breakdown. This filter is located where the inlet hose connects to the washing machine. In order to get to the mesh we need to unscrew the hose. Just be sure to turn off the water supply before doing this. Then clean the filter with a coarse brush and detergent. Next, put the hose back in place and try washing again.

Another possible breakdown is failure of the intake valve. This part of the washing machine allows water to be drawn in when needed. And it blocks access to water when it is not needed. If it has deteriorated or become clogged, as well as if its coil has deteriorated, then this may interfere with the intensive collection of water. Because of this, the powder may not be washed out of the dispenser section. Because the water pressure is too weak. In this case, the valve must be replaced. To do this, you can contact a specialist.