The pump in the washing machine is noisy

The pump in the washing machine is noisy

Engineers have not yet succeeded in inventing a completely silent washing machine. Therefore, even perfectly installed equipment should make quiet sounds during operation. If the noise appears suddenly and intensifies, this is a reason to check the machine. Most often, owners are concerned that the pump in the washing machine is humming when draining water. We'll tell you why the pump usually makes noise and what to do to fix the problem.

Main causes of failure

A situation where the drain pump makes uncharacteristic sounds is not uncommon. You can cope with it on your own. But first you need to know that the reason for loud pump operation can be:

  • Clogged hose or drainpipe,
  • Drain pump failure,
  • Drain filter dirty.

As a rule, noise occurs at the stage between rinsing and spinning, sometimes when draining or pumping out water. To determine exactly why the drain pump is loud, you need to disassemble the device. This procedure is simple and can be done on your own.

Inspect the garbage filter.

In washing machines produced under popular brands, the garbage filter is usually located on the lower right side of the body. To get to it, you need to press the latches on the panel with your hands or using a screwdriver. Next you need to proceed as follows:

  • Place a rag or a tray under the washing machine so that water flowing from the filter does not fall on the floor,
  • Turn the filter cover counterclockwise,
  • Remove the part and inspect it,
  • Remove dirt, rinse in running water,
  • Place the filter in place and screw it tightly.

Sometimes, due to severe contamination, it is not possible to unscrew the filter. The only way to remove it is to dismantle it together with the drain pump. If the garbage filter is not dirty and the machine does not stop humming, you should move on to checking the pump and drain hose . Washing machines produced by different manufacturers have their own methods for removing the drain pump. Here are the most common brands and dismantling methods:

  • “Indesit”, “Whirlpool”, “Elgie”, “Samsung”, “Ariston”, “Ardo” - the device is placed on the left side and the pump is taken out,
  • “Siemens”, “Bosch”, “AEG” - the device is removed from the front of the case,
  • “Electrolux”, “Zanussi” - you can only remove the pump through the back wall.

As a rule, the operating instructions for the washing machine contain comprehensive information about the location of the drain pump. After removal, the pump must be washed and installed in its seat. If these steps do not help get rid of loud sounds, and the washing machine hums and crackles during operation, it is advisable to check other parts.

Drain system clogged

Sometimes the cause of the noise lies in a malfunction or clogged drain hose and pipe. To check, disassemble the device body and remove the clamp that holds the pump and hose.

Having taken out the hose, you need to clean it. To do this, you can use a cable with a brush. Then the part should be installed in place. If cleaning the hose does not eliminate the hum, you should carefully pull off the drainpipe. When it gets clogged, the washing machine often starts making loud noises. Although the pipes are large in size, dirt can accumulate inside. If the above steps do not help get rid of the noise, you should seek professional help.

How to prevent system clogging?

The most reliable way to prevent blockages and noise from occurring is prevention. It does not require complex manipulations. It is only important to follow the following rules:

  • Regularly descale the washing machine,
  • Use hard water softeners,
  • Remove and wash the garbage filter monthly,
  • Make sure that small items along with clothes do not fall into the drum.

Every equipment owner can perform these actions. The measures listed are enough to prevent blockages, and therefore noise. In addition, they will help extend the life of the machine.