The drum in the washing machine is knocking

The drum in the washing machine is knocking

Unpleasant sounds made by a washing machine do not just happen. There is a specific reason for this “musical” accompaniment to washing. A knock in the drum appears in different cases, and primarily when one of the machine components has “lost” its place.

As a result, it hits the drum and knocks. What to do, how to find the breakdown and fix it?

Possible reasons

People can describe the sound of a drum in different ways. Indeed, in some cases it can be called a knock, while in others the sounds are similar to a grinding or rumble. Let's list the possible reasons why the drum is knocking:

  • There is a foreign object between the drum and the tank. In this case, the drum knocks both during washing and during spinning,
  • Unbalanced laundry can also cause knocking, such knocking most often occurs during spinning,
  • Incorrect installation of the washing machine relative to the floor level can also lead to drum knocking. The problem can be solved quite simply: place a level on the machine and begin adjusting the legs until the washer stands level,
  • Bearing failure - this reason is one of the most serious and frequently occurring, regardless of the brand and model of washing machines. Bearings wear out over time and therefore need to be replaced,
  • A malfunction of the shock absorbers causes the tank and drum to warp and begin to knock,
  • Deformation or weakening of the counterweight can also lead to unusual knocking noises. This problem happens extremely rarely and can be solved by tightening the bolt on the counterweight. And if a part breaks, replace it,
  • A surge protector torn from the housing can also cause a knocking sound.

Linen imbalance

Uneven distribution of things most often occurs when there are too few things in the car, either too small things or, on the contrary, large ones.

To eliminate the cause, you need to open the drum of the machine and straighten the laundry over the drum with your hands. If necessary, first drain the water through the drain filter or emergency drain hose, otherwise the hatch door will not open. You can also avoid imbalance if you put both large and small items in the washing machine drum mixed together, of course, taking into account the type of fabric and color.

Removing the foreign object

If a foreign object gets between the drum and the tub, operating the washing machine is prohibited. It is quite easy to understand that something has got into the drum. You need to rotate the drum from side to side by hand when the machine is turned off and without laundry. Metal objects such as coins, bra wires, pins, metal buttons, rivets will ring, and you will not confuse such a sound with anything else. In addition to metal objects, debris can get stuck in the tank, for example, seeds that have not been shaken out of a pocket.

Removing a foreign object is not so easy. In some cases, it is not possible to remove the item without removing the tank from the machine and disassembling it. Moreover, the tanks are non-separable, which complicates everything. Various methods of removing objects, using the example of a bra wire , are described in an article on our website.

Checking and replacing bearings

The knocking of bearings is usually preceded by a creaking noise. Therefore, you need to listen to how the washing machine works. If you suspect bearing wear, do not operate the machine. The part may break so that the machine cannot be repaired.

You can determine whether the bearings are damaged by turning the drum from side to side with your hand and shaking it up and down. If you find play and hear a knock, then the bearings definitely need to be changed. Bearings have a lifespan of approximately 5 years, so repairs may be unavoidable. Replacement is a complex repair, so most often they turn to a specialist for help. But if you want to repair the equipment yourself, then read the article How to change bearings in a washing machine .

Shock absorbers and FPS

If the washing machine knocks and vibrates, the cause may be faulty shock absorbers. Thanks to shock absorbers, vibration that occurs at high speeds is dampened, and if they are worn out over time, the tank and drum will swing like a pendulum, and extraneous noise will appear.

In addition, doing this in almost all washing machines is not so difficult, with the exception of Samsung and Hansa brand appliances. To replace a part in these machines, you will have to pull the tank out of the body; in all other cases, replacement is done without removing the tank, detailed instructions for which are presented in the video below.

If the reason for the knocking of the drum is the surge protector, then in this case it must be securely fastened to the machine body. It is located behind the back wall of the case. To remove and secure it, you need to remove the top cover, find the torn filter and secure it to the side wall on the holders using self-tapping screws.

Thus, to understand why an automatic washing machine is knocking, you need to listen well to it and spin the drum with your hand. Even if it is not possible to name one hundred percent of the cause of the breakdown, then at least it is possible to limit their circle. And only after that seek help from a specialist.