The drum does not spin well in the LG washing machine

The drum does not spin well in the LG washing machine

If the drum spins slowly, then something is wrong with the LG washing machine. Without sufficient rotation, the washing machine will not be able to spin out the laundry, rinse it, or wash it, so you will not be able to ignore the problem. It is better not to delay the inevitable, but to immediately turn to professionals or get down to business yourself. To make your task easier, you should find out about the probable causes of this problem and options for fixing it. We will discuss all the recommendations and instructions below.

What causes weak rotation?

Before you take active action, you need to find the root cause of the drum braking. Depending on the nature and scale of the trouble that occurred, the tactics and methods of the required repairs will be determined. What problems might there be?

  • Drum overload. Everything is logical here - if you exceed the maximum permissible load, the machine will refuse to rotate the shaft and risk the entire structure. Therefore, it is better to stop the cycle, open the door and take out some of the things.
  • Broken engine. Braking of the drum or, on the contrary, sudden acceleration to an unprecedented speed often indicates a faulty motor.
  • Electronic board failure. Failure of the electronic unit of the machine will inevitably lead to loss of control over the engine, which in turn will affect poor rotation of the drum.

The drum also does not rotate well if there is an internal short circuit or damage. This item includes several culprits, so diagnostics and correction should be carried out by specialists. To better understand what happened, it is worth conducting an initial diagnosis.

Primary diagnosis

You can determine the nature of the breakdown on your own. It is enough to perform a few simple steps for initial diagnosis. We are talking about the following procedures:

  • Check in the factory instructions what the maximum permissible loading weight of the machine is,
  • Check whether the hatch opens; if it is blocked, the drum turns hard due to a clogged garbage filter,
  • Turn the drum by hand, when the container rotates when turned off, but stands still during washing, this means the problem is in the tachogenerator, wiring or control board,
  • Make sure there is no foreign object stuck between the tank and the drum.

Often, an LG direct drive washing machine reacts by breaking the drum if the heating element is faulty. Modern household appliances ensure the system in this way, stopping the operation of the mechanism if any element fails.

Eliminating jamming

Now you can start troubleshooting. In most cases, you can cope with replacing the heating element, jamming or overload on your own. You just need to have before your eyes the user manual, pliers, a flashlight, and screwdrivers. We proceed further depending on the nature of the problem.

  • If the heating element fails. When the drum slows down and the wash does not continue, the heater is to blame. It could burn out, short out or explode, and it would not be possible to repair it - only completely replace it with a new one. This is done simply: we buy a similar copy, disconnect the machine from communications, remove the back panel, dismantle the old element, and install a working one.
  • If an object gets stuck. Does the drum rotate with difficulty, jerking or making a knocking noise? This means that a foreign object got inside the machine. We remove the back cover, take out the heating element, and shine a flashlight into the free space. As soon as the item is discovered, we stick our hand into the hole and take out the culprit.

In cases with a faulty module, burnt-out wiring, or a broken motor, you cannot repair the machine yourself. You need the help of professionals, otherwise there is a high probability of making the situation worse.