The door does not open after washing in a Bosch washing machine

The door does not open after washing in a Bosch washing machine

Automatic machines block the hatch during washing to prevent water leakage. At the end of the cycle, the equipment emits a signal informing that the program has been completed. What if the door does not open after finishing washing? What could be the reason, is it always a breakdown? Let us investigate these issues and tell you how to repair your washing machine.

You just must wait.

The washing machine immediately notifies you about the end of the cycle, and it is quite normal that after this the hatch remains blocked. The machine takes some time to complete the washing process correctly. The door will automatically unlock a couple of minutes after the beep. There are Bosch models that open instantly but waiting 30-50 seconds still will not hurt.

So, the reason that the door cannot be unlocked is not always a breakdown. You may be in too much of a hurry to remove the laundry from the drum. A working Bosch washing machine may “think” for a couple of minutes before opening, and this is normal. But if after half an hour the situation does not change, you will have to act.

Problem with filling and draining water.

The main purpose of the locking mechanism of a Bosch washing machine is to protect against leaks from the drum. Therefore, the machine door is tightly closed at all stages of the cycle. When the drainage system does not function properly, water is not completely removed from the tank. As a result, the machine does not even think about opening. The solution to the problem can be cleaning the garbage filter, drain hose, or repairing the pump. All this is easy to do with your own hands.

It is possible that water does not drain from the drum due to damage to the pressure switch. A broken level sensor sometimes sends a signal to the main module that the tank is “empty” when it is full. Consequently, the machine does not start draining water and the door remains locked. Launching a special Drain mode can help. This problem occurs very rarely on Bosch washing machines.

The lights were cut off for a long time.

Many users have encountered this problem when there are a few minutes left before the program completes, and suddenly the power supply is turned off. In this case, the unlocking mechanism will not work. How to open the door?

If they promise to turn on the lights soon, then you should just wait for it. When the electricity is cut off for a long time, it is better not to “ferment” things in the washing machine drum. Before opening the hatch, be sure to drain the water from the machine. If you do not do this, you risk flooding not only your apartment, but also your neighbours.

To drain water from the SMA, you should:

  • Gain access to the drainage filter (it is located at the bottom of the washing machine, on the front wall),
  • Prepare and place a container under the body to collect liquid,
  • Cover the floor around with rags,
  • Unscrew the plug.

After this, the water will pour into the basin. Please note that the volume of liquid remaining in the drum may exceed 10-15 litters!

The machine suddenly froze.

If the washing program time has long expired, but the display shows the opposite, you need to look for the reason for the machine freezing. The door will be locked because the cycle was stopped while the equipment was operating. There is one of the following problems:

  • The machine cannot draw water into the tank,
  • The waste liquid is not drained,
  • The heating element is broken,
  • The buttons on the control panel were accidentally pressed after starting the wash.

To understand how to fix the washing machine, you need to determine the specific reason for its freezing. If you cannot repair the equipment yourself, you should call a technician. After diagnosing and fixing the problem, the Bosch washing machine will operate as before.

The blocking element is faulty.

Often the user is unable to open the door due to a broken UBL. To carry out diagnostics, you will have to remove the locking mechanism. What to do in this case?

  • De-energize the equipment.
  • Open the SMA door.
  • Remove the outer clamp securing the cuff.
  • Bend the sealing rubber to the left. This will help you find the locking device.
  • Remove the pair of bolts holding the locking mechanism.
  • Unlock the latches and remove the lock.

Then you can begin diagnosing UBL. You can check with your own hands only the thermoelement responsible for heating the plates. To do this, switch the tester to resistance determination mode and place the probes of the device against the neutral contact and the lock phase. If the multimeter displays a three-digit number on the screen, then the UBL is working properly. Afterwards, the tester probe must be leaned against the neutral and common contact. “0” or “1” displayed on the screen will indicate that the blocker has failed.

Replacing the lock will help solve the problem. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Connect the wires to the new blocker,
  • Install the UBL in the hole intended for it,
  • Screw in the bolts securing the mechanism,
  • Straighten the rubber cuff,
  • Return the seal clamp to its place.

If problems with the door constantly occur, it is better to check the UBL and, if necessary, replace it. The work will not cause difficulties even for a non-professional. The main thing is to buy a similar lock and strictly follow the instructions for action.

The handle is broken.

When the hatch still does not unlock, the user’s first thought is the desire to force it open. Pulling and yanking on the door to open it may damage the handle, so do not do this. However, sometimes a part breaks due to simple wear and tear. To repair an automatic machine, you will have to replace the element.

If the handle of your Bosch washing machine breaks down, you can replace the part yourself. To do this you will have to remove and disassemble the sash. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Remove the door from its hinges,
  • Unscrew the bolts connecting the plastic rims of the hatch,
  • Separate the halves, put aside the part that does not have a handle,
  • Place the sash with the handle and the locking tab in front of you,
  • Go through the handle and unscrew it, strictly remembering the disassembly process,
  • Reassemble the new handle in reverse order and secure it in place,
  • Connect the door parts and hang it on the hinges.

Then you should run a test wash. It is better not to leave the machine to notice a leak in time. If the cycle went like clockwork, it means that the handle replacement was successful and the issue with opening the door was resolved.

Need to open safely.

How to open the door if you need to do it urgently, but the machine does not respond to commands? There are several ways. Manufacturers describe in the instructions the procedure for forced unlocking of the door, which varies depending on the SMA model.

There are several general recommendations that you should familiarize yourself with before opening the sash:

  • before doing anything with a locked door, be sure to turn off the power to the machine,
  • Make sure there is no water in the drum. Otherwise, it is necessary to drain the remaining liquid through a garbage filter,
  • if the washing machine has completed the cycle, but there is still water in the drum, try running the Drain mode,
  • when a fault code lights up on the display, you should decipher the error and identify the cause of the breakdown.

It is recommended to invite a specialist not only in case of problems with the control module of the Bosch washing machine, but also in the case of continuous operation of the drain pump (when the pump operates even in the absence of water). Before you get into the machine, check to see if the warranty has expired. If not, it is better to send the machine to a service center for diagnostics.

Nylon lace

To begin repairing a blocked door, you will have to open the door yourself. There is one easy and safe way. All you need is a thin rope and a rubber spatula. The lace should be 30 centimetres longer than the circumference of the hatch. Before opening the door, yourself with a rope, be sure to turn off the power to the equipment and make sure that there is no water in the tank.

To begin with, the cord is inserted between the hatch and the body of the washer, in the upper part of the sash. Next, the rope is pushed deeper with a spatula. Then you should pull out the second end from below and pull the twine towards you. This way you can pry the latch and quickly open the door.

Standard cable

Some models of Bosch washing machines can unlock the door in an emergency. Below, near the garbage filter (under the false panel), there is a special cable. If you pull it, you can easily open the hatch. A standard cable will not help completely solve the problem. The door may not unlock during subsequent washes. Therefore, it is important to find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.

If there is no emergency cable, you can try to get to the lock latch. You will have to remove the top cover of the case and tilt the machine towards the wall (the drum will also “lean” slightly towards the rear panel). At this time, you should reach the “tongue” with your hand and carefully move it to the side.

Treat your machine with care.

To avoid the need for SMA repair, it is important to use the equipment carefully. It is necessary to select the correct washing mode, monitor the weight of the laundry loaded, and use high-quality detergents.

Problems with a blocked hatch can also be avoided by timely replacement of worn-out elements. It is important to monitor the condition of the drain system of the machine and the smooth operation of the door handle. The reason that the sash does not open may be a jammed latch, the inability to drain water from the tank, or a burnt-out controller. Therefore, it is important to diagnose and correct the problem in a timely manner.