The Bosch washing machine won't drain or spin

The Bosch washing machine won't drain or spin

What to do when the washing machine does not drain the water and does not wring out? The reasons for this behaviour of the home assistant may be different. Let's figure out what to do if the washer freezes with a full tank of water and does not want to work further. We will tell you which details to check first.

What caused the breakdown?

If the Bosch washing machine has been in operation for more than 5 years, then such a symptom may indicate a malfunction of almost any node. You will have to check all the elements of the washing machine one by one to detect a breakdown. If the SMA is still relatively young, then the emphasis should be on the drain system.

Often, Bosch washing machines cannot start draining and spinning due to a blockage in the drainage system.

Therefore, if you have been using a Bosch washing machine for only 1-2 years, inspect the drain system's elements for clogging. The easiest way is to check the garbage filter. You may stick a sock or handkerchief in it, so the home assistant cannot start draining or spinning.

To begin with, you will have to drain the water from the hanging machine independently. Prepare a low, roomy basin to collect the liquid. Next, tilt the washer back and place a container under it where the garbage filter is located. It is advisable to cover the floor around the device with dry rags.

After that, unscrew the garbage filter from the machine. But not completely, but half a turn. Water will begin to flow into the basin. Next, remove the plug of the garbage can entirely, and inspect it and the drain hole for blockages. If you find a lost sock or glove, you can assume the problem solve.

The reason is different if the trash filter and drain hole are clean. Feel the drain hose of the machine for blockages. It is also better to make sure that there is no blockage in the sewer pipe. When the riser is clogged, the water does not drain well from the bathtub and washbasin.

Next, you will have to inspect the main elements of the Bosch washing machine one by one:

  • Drive belt,
  • Pump,
  • Hall sensor,
  • Electric motor,
  • Motor brushes,
  • Control module.

If one of these parts breaks down, the Bosch washing machine may refuse to drain the water and wring things out. Modern models with a display will display an error code corresponding to the problem. If the washing machine is silent, starting the check from simple to complex is recommended. We'll tell you what to do first.

Drive mechanism

Inexpensive Bosch washers have two weak points - the engine and the drive mechanism. As a result, both the device and the quality of these nodes leave much to be desired. According to statistics, starting from the second year of operation, one out of 14 Bosch SMAs has problems with the motor, Hall sensor or drive belt.

The easiest way to get to the belt. That's why it's looked at first. The algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • De-energize the automatic machine,
  • Close the shut-off valve responsible for the water supply,
  • Move the washer away from the wall and furniture to have access to its body from all sides,
  • Unscrew the screws that fix the back panel of the machine, remove the barrier,
  • Inspect the drive mechanism.

Immediately after removing the rear panel of the CMA, you can see the pulley of the drum and the engine, as well as the drive belt, stretched between them. If there is no gum, it has flown off the wheels and is lying under the machine. In this case, it will become clear why the washer stopped working.

If the belt is in place, turn the drum pulley. It must rotate with force. Also, check the rubber band tension. You must replace a stretched and flexing strap with a new one.

Due to problems with the drive belt, the machine cannot start spinning. The intellect will fix the failure and give an error. Therefore, the washer will freeze in the middle of the cycle.

On the forums, craftsmen advise not to change the stretched belt but to adjust the position of the pulley by tightening the motor mount. As a result of such actions, the wheel will move a few millimetres, and the elastic will stretch. However, this method will solve the problem for a couple of months, and then the situation will repeat itself.

Faulty drain pump

Next in line for inspection is the drain pump. Unfortunately, the pump of Bosch washing machines also has its own service life, and over time it can fail. This problem is especially relevant for washers that have been in operation for more than five years.

The Bosch CMA drain pump may burn out. Also, the pump ceases to function normally if debris accumulates in it. It slows down the work of the element and the hair wound on the impeller blades.

More often, the pumps of Bosch washing machines break down when the equipment is placed far from the sewer, at a distance of more than two meters. In this case, the load on the pump exceeds the maximum allowable values, which leads to rapid damage to the part. Therefore, when installing and connecting the washer, pay special attention to the remoteness of the SMA from communications.

To inspect the CMA drain pump:

  • Unplug the machine,
  • Turn off the shut-off valve responsible for supplying water to the washer;
  • Disconnect the device from the water supply and sewerage,
  • Pull out the drain filter,
  • Shine a flashlight into the hole formed after removing the filter. You can see the impeller of the drain pump,
  • Clean the drain hole of debris and dirt. Remove the wound hair from the impeller blades,
  • Remove the powder receiver from the washer,
  • Lay the machine on its right side after laying a blanket on the floor,
  • Remove the CMA pan,
  • Take a picture of how the wires are connected to the pump,
  • Disconnect all contacts from the pump,
  • Loosen the clamp that secures the drain pipe to the pump,
  • Disconnect the pipe from the pump,
  • Remove the pump from the washing machine,
  • Disassemble the pump housing, having coped with the latches,
  • Inspect the insides of the part, make sure that the mechanism and all the rubber bands are intact,
  • Clean the pump from accumulated dirt inside.

If the pump is severely clogged, cleaning may help solve the problem. Therefore, after removing the debris, assemble the pump, install it, and start the test cycle.

When there are no problems with the pump, do not rush to put the part back. It is also necessary to check the operation of the pump with a multimeter. Perhaps burned out.

The multimeter must be switched to voltmeter mode, and then attach the probes to the pump contacts. Zero or one displayed on the testers' display will tell you about the failure of the part. Cannot repair the pump, you will have to buy and install a new element.

Let's check the motor.

Inspect the electric motor, Hall sensor and brushes through the bottom of the Bosch washing machine. Since I checked the drain pump before, the home assistant lies on its side in the right position. For further diagnosis, you will need the following:

  • Take a picture of the wiring diagram for the engine,
  • Disconnect the supply wiring from the motor,
  • Unscrew the screws that fix the part,
  • Remove the engine from the CMA housing.

Check the Hall sensor first. It is a small ring. Next, the part is tested with a multimeter. If a breakdown is detected, it must replace the teacher generator.

Then take out the motor brushes and inspect them. If the graphite rods have worn off, install new ones. Electric brushes must be changed in pairs, even if one has yet to be worn out.

The following diagnostics stage is to check the resistance of the engine winding with a multimeter. If you find a defect, do not try to repair the motor. Instead, it is more reasonable to buy and install a new engine.

Cunning control unit

The control module of Bosch washing machines rarely comes out of the standing position. Usually, it's a blockage in the drain system or problems with the drive mechanism, engine or pump. But if all possible causes are excluded, you must check the main control unit. The controller is to blame because the machine freezes in the middle of the cycle.

To work with CMA Bosch electronics, you need certain knowledge and experience. Checking and repairing the main control module independently is not recommended - it is better to invite the mechanic. Otherwise, you can damage the washer even more.

The service center specialist will disassemble the machine and inspect the control board for defects. It will also ring out the semiconductors of the module and identify a weak spot. Sometimes you can do with repair of the electronic unit. However, in some cases, you will need to replace the element.

So, act immediately if your Bosch washer stops in the middle of a cycle and won't start draining and spinning. First, unplug the appliance from the mains and turn off the water supply. Then drain the used fluid from the tank through a garbage filter.

Then a comprehensive diagnostic is performed: the drive is inspected, and the engine and tacho generator is tested. In most cases, you can fix the damage yourself. The wizard will only have to be called if there are problems with the control module.