The benefits and harms of using air conditioners

The benefits and harms of using air conditioners

Since the hot summer is becoming familiar, the sales of AC equipment are increasing year by year. Many buyers believe that air conditioners are harmful to human health and refuse this device. To some extent, it is, but this only applies to old models of climate technology.

Today you will not find outdated models of air conditioners in equipment stores, therefore, you should not be afraid to get a viral infection (unless you stand under direct streams of cold air). Modern models have special flaps that can be turned in any direction so that the air flow changes direction. You can also adjust the air flow rate.

In obsolete models of air conditioners, microbes spread through the air ducts throughout the room. In modern devices, the exhaust air is removed, and instead fresh air enters, which does not pose any danger to humans. Often you can hear or read in the press about unreliable filters that are in air conditioners. But this is also an erroneous opinion, since filters prevent the ingress of harmful dust particles into the indoor unit of climatic equipment.

To stay in a room with air conditioning did not cause any negative consequences, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Since split systems noticeably “dry” the air, it would be nice to turn on the humidifier in the room along with the air conditioner (or put a lot of fresh flowers). In the latest models of air conditioners, humidifiers with an ionizer are already built into them.
  • See that your workplace is not in the immediate vicinity of the air conditioner. It is best to consult with a specialist regarding the installation location of this equipment. Turn the “curtains” on the air conditioner in different directions so that the air flows are distributed evenly throughout the room.
  • In order to avoid problems during installation and operation of HVAC equipment, you need to give preference to a well-known brand (read reviews, consult friends and acquaintances who already have a split system, listen to the opinion of a specialist in a store).
  • The difference between the air temperature in the room and on the street should not be higher or lower by 4-5 degrees, otherwise you can catch a cold from a large temperature difference.
  • Since people do not use air conditioning in the winter, dust accumulates inside it, which can lead to an attack in asthmatics and allergy sufferers when using the system in the warm season. Therefore, in the spring it is best to clean the filter (if your system is not equipped with a "self-cleaning" function). Also, a sign of contamination of the air conditioner filter may be redness and tearfulness of the eyes, sore throat, smack of metal. Along with dust, various microorganisms can also accumulate in the air conditioner. To prevent the conditioner from harming your health, periodically clean it with a damp rag, vacuum cleaner and antiseptic (if there are no warnings on this subject in the instructions for use).