The Atlant washing machine does not drain water and does not spin

The Atlant washing machine does not drain water and does not spin

A washing machine that is always functioning properly can suddenly “freeze” during operation. For example, stopping during a program full of soap solution. What to do if the Atlant washing machine cannot drain the water from the tank? What could lead to this? Let's look at the probable causes of what happened.

Let’s “check out” the simplest reasons.

If the machine does not drain the water and does not spin, you should start diagnosing it as soon as possible. It is not necessary to immediately call a specialist; it is easy to “discard” the simplest reasons on your own. After assessing the situation, you may understand why the drain is not functioning. What to do first?

  • Check if the washing mode is selected correctly. Any model of the Atlant washing machine provides the ability to clean things without spinning or draining. Having launched such a program, you don’t need to wonder why the water remains in the tank. This will not be a malfunction; the machine will simply wash the items in accordance with the parameters specified by the user. If this is really the case, and you accidentally set the delicate mode, just run the option that allows you to empty the machine, for example, “Drain + Spin.”
  • Check the drain hose. The drain hose may be deformed, bent, or pinched by a heavy object. In this case, the water will not go down the drain since the pressure will either be absent altogether or too weak.
  • Make sure that the sewer pipe or siphon is not clogged. This is another probable reason for the inability to drain water from the drum. A blockage can also form in the drainage hose - disconnect the corrugation from the machine and clean its cavity.

Let's look at typical breakdowns that lead to this result. We will tell you which elements and components of the machine should be checked.

What could have happened?

In most cases, there is nothing wrong with the machine stopping with a full tank of soapy water. You can deal with the problem yourself without calling a specialist. If the Atlant washing machine does not drain and spin, you should suspect one of the breakdowns described below.

  • Blockage. Firstly, a bunch of debris can be found in the drain filter of the machine. If it is clogged very tightly, it will be difficult to remove water from the tank. One coin forgotten in a trouser pocket is enough to disrupt the drainage system. You will have to unscrew and wash the part. Secondly, the drainpipe may become clogged. Here you will have to partially disassemble the washing machine to clean the hose.
  • Pump failure. It plays a huge role in pumping water out of the tank and directing the liquid into the drain. If the pump burns out, be sure to replace the part; it cannot be repaired. Perhaps the pump is simply clogged, and it will be enough to clean the volute and impeller.
  • Control module malfunction. In such a situation, the “brain” will not be able to command the pump that it is time to start draining. The machine will stop and stop working. The solution is to repair the control board.
  • Damage to the pressure switch. The level sensor will transmit incorrect information to the module about the amount of water in the tank. For example, signalling that the tank is empty when in fact it is not. In this case, the machine will not start draining.

Such breakdowns are the most common. If you notice that the machine does not drain water or spin, clean the garbage filter, check the pump, and pressure switch. If all elements are in good condition, call a technician to diagnose and repair the control board.

Let's check the hose and filter.

Before proceeding with diagnostics, it is necessary to drain the water from the tank. This can be done through the hole in the garbage filter. It is necessary to prepare a container for collecting liquid, turn off the power to the machine and cover the floor under the machine with dry rags. Next, carefully unscrew the cap and collect the water in the basin. After the washer is empty, you can open the hatch and take out things.

Inspect the hole left by unscrewing the garbage filter. Perhaps it is clogged with dirt, threads, and some foreign objects (coins, buttons, paper, etc. can be found there). Wipe the walls with a damp sponge and remove all the debris from inside. Rinse the filter itself under running warm water and put it back in place.

Afterwards, you can disconnect the drain hose from the machine and feel the corrugation for blockages. If “clogging” is present, clean the hose with a special cable and reconnect it.

Is the drain pump working well?

If the problem is a clogged pump, then the first “symptoms” of the problem could be observed several washes before the machine stopped discharging liquid altogether. The pump, in which threads, lint, and hair have accumulated, makes strange sounds during operation. If you hear a quiet, abnormal hum when draining, you may suspect a blockage or breakdown of the drain pump.

You can fix your washing machine yourself. You need to get to the pump, remove it from the housing and carefully inspect it. If you find that there are threads wound around the impeller, you should definitely clean the blades. It is also important to rinse the snail well and wipe the insides from accumulated dirt.

If the tester screen displays 0 or 1, it means the pump motor is burnt out and will need to be replaced. A three-digit number displayed on the device indicates that the problem lies not in the pump, but in the control module. In this case, a more accurate diagnosis will be needed.

What is the condition of the wiring?

The pump may have lost power. This may be the result of a breakdown of electronic parts or a violation of the integrity of the wiring. Before starting diagnostics, it is important to disconnect the Atlant washing machine from the network. You can check with your own hands whether the wires running from the “brain” of the machine to the drain pump are broken.

It will probably be possible to repair the washing machine only after repairing the control module. There is no need to delve into the electronics of a machine without knowledge and experience. This is fraught with complete failure of the unit and a significant increase in the cost of repair work. It is better to seek help from a service center or professionals.

Do not be upset if the Atlant washing machine cannot drain or spin the laundry. In most cases, you can cope with the problem yourself, at home. To check the filter, hose, pipes and pump, no special tools or special skills are required. The most difficult thing is that if there is a malfunction of the electronic module, you still have to trust the specialists.