Siemens washing machine which does not open

Siemens washing machine which does not open

Normally, the hatch of a Siemens automatic machine will remain locked for a couple of minutes after the cycle is completed. If the door of the unit does not open even after half an hour, we can talk about a breakdown. It happens that a Siemens washing machine “freezes” in the middle of a cycle and the hatch does not open. In such a situation, the procedure will be different. Let us figure out what to do in the first and second cases.

Emergency "opening"

It often happens that a Siemens machine stops working while executing a program and “freezes” with a drum full of water. Then the door will not open, the “brain” will block the lock to ensure the tightness of the system. First, restart the washer. Turn off the equipment, reactivate it and set the “Drain” mode. Wait until the machine finishes the program and try to open the door again.

Check the drain hose to see if it is clogged. When this is really the case, clean the corrugation. Then reconnect the “sleeve” and run the spin or drain option again. Sometimes a Siemens washing machine does not respond to requests at all - it does not allow you to start the mode for draining water. Then you will have to empty the tank manually by unscrewing the waste filter plug. You should proceed like this:

  • Prepare a large container,
  • Cover the floor around the washing machine with dry rags,
  • Tilt the machine slightly back, place a basin under the body, at the location of the filter,
  • Open the technical hatch, find the “trash can” plug,
  • Grab the cover and unscrew the element,
  • Collect any water that comes out of the machine.

After this, you can try to open the door. To open a Siemens washing machine, you will need a thin rope and a small knife. You need to do the following:

  • Attach the rope to the washer door, in ​​the locking device,
  • Use the tip of a knife to push the lace inside,
  • Grab both ends of the rope and pull it tight,
  • Slightly move the lace up and down until you hear the characteristic click of the lock “activating,”
  • Open the hatch.

If the door does not open using a rope, you can try another, more sophisticated method. Turn off the power to the washer and unscrew a couple of screws on the top panel of the case. Remove the cover, slightly tilt the machine back and try to reach the locking device with your hand through the hole between the tank and the front wall. Once you find the “tab,” slide it. The lock will work, and the machine will open.

What elements could fail?

A Siemens washing machine does not always block the door because the tank is full. Sometimes it is something else. Difficulties opening the hatch may arise due to:

  • Handle breakage. If you open the door carelessly, with great force, the plastic handle will stop working,
  • Blocker malfunction. Due to wear and tear, the locking mechanism may no longer perform its functions. This type of breakdown is more typical for washing machines that have been in use for 3-5 years,
  • Failure of the pressure switch. For example, when the tank is empty, the sensor will transmit a signal to the “brain” that the “centrifuge” is full. In such a situation, the control module simply does not unlock the lock to ensure the tightness of the system,
  • Electronics failure. If the control board is damaged, many functions of the machine are disrupted, including problems with opening the door.

Repair tactics are determined depending on the identified breakdown. If the problem is with the level sensor, you will need to replace the pressure switch. When the reason is a broken UBL, you will need to “dig” into the locking mechanism. If the problem is in the “brain,” you will have to change elements on the control board, solder the tracks or check the integrity of the wiring. It is better to entrust electronics repair to specialists, so as not to further damage the equipment.

The blocking device is to blame.

Often, specialists must service the locking mechanism of Siemens washing machines. If the machine calmly washes things, spins clothe, notifies you about the end of the cycle, but does not open the door, the problem is the UBL. To check the blocker, you need to remove it. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Disconnect the Siemens washing machine from the network, turn off the water supply tap,
  • Open the hatch using one of the methods described above,
  • Bend the outer edge of the hatch cuff, release the latch, and pull out the clamp securing the rubber band from the body,
  • Pull the seal off to the side - you can see the UBL there,
  • Unscrew a couple of screws that hold the device,
  • Pull out the blocker by releasing the latches.

At home, you can check the thermoelement responsible for heating the plates. To do this, activate the multimeter in ohmmeter mode and lean the probes of the device against the neutral terminal and the blocker phase. The three-digit number displayed on the screen will tell you about the serviceability of the element. After this, the tester probes are applied to the common and neutral contacts. One or zero on the multimeter display will indicate that the blocker has failed. Replacing the locking device is easy. You only need:

  • Connect the wiring to the purchased, working interlock,
  • Put the mechanism in place, insert it into a special recess for the lock,
  • Screw in self-tapping screws to secure the part,
  • Pull the edge of the cuff over the protrusion of the body and put the clamp back on.

Now the procedure to follow when the automatic hatch does not open is clear. Be sure to drain the water from the tank by unscrewing the “trash can” and “defeat” the lock with a rope. Next, you can begin diagnosing the Siemens washing machine.