Samsung washing machine won't switch modes

Samsung washing machine won't switch modes

Sometimes homemakers, having launched the home assistant after a while, find out that the Samsung washing machine does not switch modes. As a result, turning the selector does nothing, making correcting the program impossible. Unfortunately, that is a fairly common problem, and the reasons for its occurrence differ. So let's figure out what to do in such a situation.

Malfunctions are not related to the breakdown of the machine.

The inability to adjust the washing program is associated with malfunction. Sometimes the reason is banal, and you can fix it yourself. Next, we will tell you what can provoke a similar problem.

  • Wrong installation of the washer. Positioning the CMA drain hose at a certain height is important by bending it. Otherwise, the water from the machine will run away into the sewer by gravity. In this situation, will refill the equipment, the cycle will become endless, and the control panel may stop responding to user commands. To solve the problem, place the drainage sleeve according to the instructions.
  • The debris filter is clogged. Because of this, the washing machine cannot drain the water into the sewer and will freeze at one of the washing stages without proceeding to the next step. The solution is to clean the filter element. After that, the home assistant will respond to user commands again.
  • Drain hose kink. Another reason why draining water from the washer is difficult is. The machine also freezes and does not respond to switching buttons and the programmer. Inspect the corrugation and straighten it to resume the flow of fluid.
  • Garbage plug in a siphon or riser. The machine may freeze during operation for this reason. You can clean the elements with your hands or by inviting a plumber.
  • SMA overload. Each machine is designed for a certain amount of laundry for a single load. If you exceed the permissible weight, the washing machine will not be able to scatter things in the drum and gain the necessary speed for spinning. Therefore, it will hang in the middle of the cycle. The solution to the problem is simple - take out a piece of clothing and start the program again.
  • Imbalance. Things in the drum are collected in a lump, so they must balance the system. With such a problem, the machine cannot continue the cycle and freezes. It is necessary to pause the program and manually distribute the laundry in the washer.
  • Random failure of the control unit. Sometimes the Samsung CMA electronic module freezes, which causes various problems in the operation of the equipment, including the inability to switch modes. Rebooting the system will help get it working.

If the matter is a one-time failure of the electronic module, then after the reboot, the washing machine will work. These are typical problems that are not associated with any breakdowns in the system. However, we will also describe situations when it may be necessary to repair an automatic machine.

Failed the heating element

A failed heating element makes switching the program on Samsung washing machines impossible. How is it connected? The explanation is quite simple.

Hard tap water adversely affects the heater. In addition, the heating element is covered with scale. Also, a plaque appears on the element from the remnants of low-quality powders, piles, threads, hair and other debris.

Due to the formed plaque, the power of the heating element is lost. Trying to bring the water to a predetermined degree, the heater works at maximum and eventually burns out. The corresponding smell of burning will indicate the problem. A short circuit in the system leads to the fact that the machine refuses to switch modes.


When buying a new heater, focus on the model of your Samsung CMA. Then, you can replace the heater yourself without resorting to the help of specialists. It is located at the back of the device, under the tank.

The failure is hidden in the control module.

The electronic module manages the work of the SMA. Often, the Samsung machine stops switching modes precisely because of a block failure. Semiconductor elements are usually damaged, or contacts are oxidized:

  • In the heating circuit (from practice, the heater relay burns out more often), 
  • In the motor circuit (usually, the control triac is the culprit), 
  • In the pump circuit.

The failure of the control board is caused by power surges in the network and high humidity at the installation site of the SMA. Checking and repairing the electronic module is recommended to be entrusted to specialists. That is a difficult job, which will only be problematic with experience and knowledge.