Samsung washing machine shakes during spin cycle

Samsung washing machine shakes during spin cycle

When you think about the topic of this article, images from an advertising video involuntarily come to mind, which shows how a cat is dozing on the lid of a washing machine, while the machine washes, rinses, and spins clothes. If only this were the case in reality. In fact, the Samsung washing machine shakes so much during the spin cycle that the floor shakes, and the neighbors from the top and bottom floors know very well when your washing machine starts spinning, because the dishes in their cabinets start to rattle. If this situation resonates with you, check out this post.

What causes the vibration or shakes?

Everyone knows that top-loading washing machines are much quieter than front-loading washing machines. Why? Yes, because when the drum of a front-loading washing machine rotates, centrifugal force presses on the side walls, rocking the body. And the faster the drum rotates and the more laundry there is, the stronger the impact of centrifugal force and, accordingly, the more sensitive the vibration. Everything would be fine if vibration did not have a comprehensive harmful effect:

  • It destroys machine parts, gradually rendering it inoperable,
  • It is accompanied by a hum and rumble, which can be unpleasant not only to the owners, but also to the neighbors,
  • It has a negative impact on the flooring and nearby furniture.

In general, vibration during the spin cycle of a Samsung washing machine, or any other one, is an inevitable evil that you have to put up with. It’s okay, if the vibration occurs slightly during operation of the machine, it is within normal limits. In principle, no one suffers from such an impact, but what if the vibration is strong, and even accompanied by loud unnatural noises? Now is the time to sound the alarm and see what could potentially cause such a problem. The options are as follows:

  • The machine is installed on an extremely unstable piece of furniture or flooring,
  • Things were loaded into the car incorrectly,
  • They forgot to unscrew the shipping bolts, but started the machine,
  • A foreign object got into the tank of the Samsung washing machine,
  • The bearings were seriously damaged or completely destroyed,
  • One of the dampers broke, T
  • The counterweight has been destroyed or displaced.

Installation in violation of the rules

Experts never tire of repeating that the washing machine must be levelled on a stable, hard surface. It is not necessary for such a surface to be perfectly flat, because small differences can be compensated for by twisting the legs. But it must be as strong as possible so that it does not bend, sway or even creak under the weight of an adult man.

When installing a washing machine, you cannot part with the building level. Place a level on the lid of the washer and check it every time you tighten the legs of the home assistant. It has been proven that even slight distortions of the body in one direction or another have an impact later, significantly increasing the vibration of the Samsung washing machine during spinning.

Before using your new washing machine, be sure to remove the shipping bolts. Otherwise, you not only risk damaging the drum of the new machine, you also doom yourself to listen to the clanging and feel the monstrous vibration at the moment when the machine starts spinning the laundry at a speed of over 1000 rpm. You can read more about installation rules in the article Installing and connecting a washing machine.

Operational errors

Vibration during spinning can also occur if you use your Samsung washing machine incorrectly. What seems absolutely unimportant to you may ultimately play a fatal role. What is it about?

First, pay attention to how you fold the laundry into the drum of your Samsung washing machine. You cannot lump up a large number of things or one bulky item. Dirty laundry must be evenly distributed in the drum, otherwise there will be an imbalance and, as a result, strong vibration.

Secondly, before putting things into the drum, check their pockets to ensure that foreign objects do not get stuck in the tank and cause loud noises and vibrations. Thirdly, put all things potentially dangerous for the washing machine in a washing bag, and only then put them in the drum of the Samsung washing machine. There have been cases when a bra wire got stuck in the tub of a washing machine and jammed the drum for some time, causing clanging and strong vibration.

Bearings and dampers

All of the above can be called minor troubles that can be eliminated in a matter of minutes. But it happens that vibration and strong, unnatural sounds during spinning are caused by a serious breakdown or manufacturing defect. In essence, we are talking about only two failures: bearing failures and damper failures.

You can change the damper yourself; just remove the back wall of the Samsung washing machine and we will have access to the broken part and its fasteners. At least, if we can’t repair it, then at least we can change it.

With bearings the situation is much more complicated. To change them, you will have to disassemble the entire washing machine, including the tank. If you are an experienced DIYer who is not afraid of manual labour, go ahead and try changing the bearings with your own hands, our publication will help you. If you are not used to repairing equipment yourself, it would be better to contact a specialist.

In conclusion, we note that a slight vibration emanating from a Samsung washing machine during spinning is quite normal. But if the washer starts to shake very strongly, you need to look for the cause of the problem. It is possible that you are dealing with a serious malfunction. Luck with searching!