Samsung washing machine freezes in the spin cycle.

Samsung washing machine freezes in the spin cycle.

What to do if the next wash ended not with the spinning of the laundry, as expected, but with the device freezing? In this case, you must turn off the machine, get things and start diagnosing. That may be a one-time failure, and rebooting the system or eliminating the imbalance in the drum may help, but sometimes the repair of the home assistant is still required.

Let's figure out why the Samsung washing machine is stuck on the spin cycle. What details to check first? What are the main reasons for this problem?

The most common but common mistakes

An automatic machine can freeze not only because of some malfunction. Sometimes it's about simple user errors. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to exclude the reasons associated with managing the washer. Should:

  • See that a washing program start that involves spinning. Probably, the selected mode does not provide for this function. These are algorithms such as Wool, Delicate, etc. In this case, to solve the problem, enable the Spin option additionally;
  • Ensure you stay within the maximum load weight of the laundry. If the machine is designed for 6 kg of things, and all 8 kg is rammed into it, it will freeze, starting the most intensive stage of the cycle. In such a situation, you need to get some of the clothes out of the drum and start the wash again;
  • Check that there is no imbalance. Unbalance can occur if a large item is washed in the machine such as a blanket or blanket. During the spin cycle, the drum rotates at maximum speed, and the product gets stuck in a lump, giving a large load in one place. If you notice the washer spinning for a long time, pause the cycle and evenly distribute the laundry inside.

If all user errors are discarded, and the problem has not disappeared, you must dig deeper. For example, sometimes the automatic machine freezes and at the same time displays a fault code corresponding to the problem. If you decipher the error, it will be easier to find the weak spot.

The problem is bigger than it seems.

If the machine spins things for a long time and eventually freezes, turn it off with the button and unplug the power cord from the outlet. Next, you need to pull things out and start diagnosing. First of all, the drum is inspected for the presence of foreign objects that could provoke a stop. It can be a coin, a button, a hairpin, or a bra bone.

After ruling out this cause, check the following. The following can lead to the freezing of the SMA:

  • Shock absorber wear. Over time, the dampers that take on the increased vibration of the device break down. Damage to them causes the drum to stop and the machine to freeze. To solve the problem, you will have to put in new springs,
  • Faulty motor or tachometer. Perhaps the engine electronics have failed, or the brushes have worn out. The Hall sensor measures the number of revolutions of the electric motor, and in the event of a breakdown, it can also cause the washing machine to freeze,
  • Broken pressure switch. The sensor measures the water level in the tank and transmits this information to the CMA control module. If the part does not work, then the washing machine freezes between the rinse and spin stages,
  • Blockage in the drain system. The washer must drain the wastewater from the tank into the sewer to start spinning. If the drain of the liquid is difficult, the machine will not start squeezing the laundry. In such a situation, you will have to check the garbage filter, drain hose, siphon and sewer pipe for blockages;
  • The control module failed. It can damage the electronic unit due to power surges in the network. Also, the board breaks due to moisture on it.

Most damage can be repaired by hand. For example, it is easy to replace the pressure switch or clean the elements of the drain system. But for the motor and control module repair, if you do not have experience with electronics, it is better to entrust the specialists. If the machine is new and still under warranty, immediately call the master, do not even try to disassemble the SMA yourself.

There is too much dirt inside the machine.

If the machine cannot start spinning, check the elements of the drain system. A blockage has formed somewhere, and water flowing into the sewer is difficult. Therefore, the machine does not proceed to the subsequent washing step.

First, inspect the trash filter. It is located at the bottom of the machine, behind the bezel. Before unscrewing the element, cover the floor under the washer with dry rags because water may pour out of the hole. Next, clean the plastic part of the dirt, lint and other stuck debris.

Next, inspect the drain hose, and check if it is kinked. Feel the groove. If you feel a blockage, clean the sleeve under running warm water.

Also, inspect the drain pipe connecting the tank and pump. Next, check for blockages in the siphon or sewer pipe. If there is, remove the trash plug.

Dampers suspect.

Check the shock absorbers if the washing machine vibrates strongly and knocks during operation. The springs are located under the CMA tank. Stopping the operation of the washer during the spin cycle occurs when the dampers are worn out, their fixing bolts are damaged, and the sealing gum is erased.

To check shock absorbers:

  • turn off the washing machine,
  • remove the top cover of the device by unscrewing the bolts and fixing it,
  • press with force on the tank, lowering it,
  • remove your hands sharply and observe the movements of the tank.

If the knot jumps up and stops, the springs do their job. However, the continuous swinging of the tank will indicate the poor condition of the shock absorbers. In this case, the dampers will need to replace.

For most Samsung models, the shock absorbers remove along with the tank. Therefore, to gain access to the dampers, you must almost completely disassemble the SMA. Spring mounts also vary, but they are often fixed with plastic bushings.

Junk pressure switch

Another reason for a failed spin is a broken pressure switch. The sensor measures the water level in the tank and transmits this information to the control module. If the element does not work correctly, the machine can easily freeze.

Often the problem is precisely in the clogging of the pressure switch nozzles, but the water level sensor may fail. You can perform element diagnostics yourself:

  • De-energize the machine, disconnect it from the water supply and sewerage,
  • Remove the top panel of the case,
  • Find the pressure switch,
  • Disconnect the wires from the level sensor,
  • Remove the clamps and remove the pressure switch,
  • Inspect the sensor, and blow into its nozzle. If the part is OK, you will hear clicks.

A replacement part will be required if you cannot repair a damaged pressure switch. You should buy accessories based on the model of your Samsung washing machine. Installation of a new level sensor is carried out in reverse order. After that, you need to run a test cycle and observe the operation of the device.