Samsung washing machine door won't close

Samsung washing machine door won't close

Sometimes users of Samsung machines encounter the problem that after starting the program, the machine refuses to lock the door. Of course, in this case the washing does not start. At the same time, the error code dE is displayed on the device display. What to do in such a situation? Let us tell you what the most common reason is why the door of a Samsung washing machine does not close. Let’s figure out what other problems may be preventing the hatch from locking and the washing from starting.

The main cause of the problem

Most often, locking problems on Samsung washing machines are observed due to the failure of the electronic lock. The UBL is designed to ensure safety during the washing process - it does not allow the door to open. If the blocker breaks down, the cycle will not start, since the control module will not receive a signal that the system is completely sealed.

You should check the device if the machine door closes tightly, the “tongue” fits into the groove, but washing does not start, and the corresponding lock icon does not light up on the screen. In such a situation, it is clear that the cause is not mechanical damage, but an electronic failure.

If the blocker is burnt out, black spots will appear on it. Sometimes the device looks like new in appearance - then you will have to check it with a multimeter. The resistance between the contacts should normally be about 1 kOhm.

It is not practical to repair the UBL. Experts advise immediately buying and installing a new blocker. You should choose an electronic lock based on the model of your Samsung automatic machine.

  • To install a new UBL, you must:
  • Turn off the power to the washing machine,
  • Close the valve responsible for the water supply,
  • Pull out the outer clamp that secures the drum cuff. To do this, you need to use a screwdriver to pick up the latch on the rim,

  • Bend the rubber seal on the right and unscrew the bolts holding the blocker,
  • Reset the wiring from the lock,
  • Install a working locking device in place and secure it with bolts,
  • Straighten the drum cuff, install the previously removed clamp.

Replacing the door lock device takes 10-15 minutes. During the work, no special tools will be required; a screwdriver will be enough. After completing the repair, connect the machine to the network and try running a test wash. The dE error should disappear.

Problems in the door itself

Sometimes the reason that the door does not close is mechanical damage. The hatch may not lock due to wear of the locking mechanism components or misalignment of the hinges. To avoid this, you should handle the machine carefully - do not slam or pull the door, do not let children “ride” on it, do not use the door to hang wet things.

When the hinges are skewed, the lock tongue no longer fits into the “groove”. Therefore, check the level of the door and see how well the hatch fastenings are tightened. To fix the problem, make an adjustment - align the hinges by tightening the loose clamps.

To level the hinge, you need to remove the mounting bolts, move it as needed, and screw the clamps back in. almost completely Usually on Samsung machines the correct position of the hinges is additionally indicated by special guides. If they are not there, you will have to correct the part by eye.

It could also be a misalignment of the hatch “tongue”. In this situation, the hook also does not fit into the lock “groove”. This is usually caused by the metal rod that holds the valve in the desired position being displaced or falling out. You can save the situation by adjusting the rod or completely replacing the door handle.

To install a new handle, you will have to disassemble the hatch: remove it from its hinges, unscrew the screws around the circumference. This will allow you to halve the plastic door. Reassembling the machine is done in reverse order.