Samsung washing machine does not spin during spin cycle.

Samsung washing machine does not spin during spin cycle.

Sometimes on old Samsung models an unpleasant problem occurs - the machine does not gain speed during the spin cycle. The washer rinses the items and proceeds to the next stage but cannot accelerate the drum to the required speed. The machine freezes in the middle of the spin cycle but can slowly rotate the laundry for hours until the user completes the cycle manually. What to do in such a situation? What elements of the SMA should be examined first?

The user is confused about the settings.

Often, a Samsung washing machine does not develop speed due to a simple oversight by the user. It happens that the housewife is in a hurry or distracted, and starts a washing mode, the settings of which either do not provide for spinning at all or are set at low speeds. We are talking about programs:

  • Delicate wash,
  • Wool,
  • Silk,
  • Baby's clothes.

When you launch one of the above modes, do not expect a full spin from the machine. Also, all Samsung washing machines have a “No spin” button on the control panel. An inadvertently pressed key will cause the machine to skip this stage of operation when starting any washing program.

The drive belt is about to break.

Problems with the belt can only affect owners of washing machines equipped with a commutator motor with a belt drive. Owners of inverter direct drive washing machines can safely rule out this cause of failure. In commutator automatic machines, the rotation of the electric motor is supplied to the pulley through the drive belt, and if the elastic band is stretched, poorly tensioned and slips, the motor will not be able to accelerate the drum to the required speed.

It happens that the drive belt simply falls off or breaks, but in such a situation the equipment will not allow you to start any of the washing programs, especially the spin cycle. Therefore, with these symptoms, namely, that the machine does not wring out the laundry well, it is permissible to talk about stretching the elastic band. You can check the drive belt as follows:

  • Turn off the power to the washing machine,
  • Move the machine away from the wall to have free access to the walls of the case,
  • Remove the rear panel of the unit by unscrewing the bolts securing it,
  • Check the belt tension, try to manually bend it, and rotate the pulley.

The Samsung machine will not be able to wring things out properly until the rubber band is replaced. The user will have to purchase an original belt suitable for a specific washing machine model, remove the old element and tighten the new one according to the instructions. After the repair, the problem should be solved - the engine will freely accelerate the drum to the required speed.

RPM sensor or motor

In addition to a stretched drive belt, the reason that the SMA does not wring out laundry well can be a failed tachometer or a damaged motor. The Hall sensor controls the motor speed; if it breaks down, the speed of rotation of the drum may be disrupted. To check the tachogenerator:

  • Pull the drive belt off the wheel, move the rubber band to the side,
  • Take a photo of the wiring diagram for the engine and tachometer. This will help you avoid mixing up the contacts during reassembly,
  • Disconnect the wires to free the electric motor and tachogenerator,
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the motor in the mounting feet,
  • Press firmly on the engine body, it should “drown” inward a little. If you cannot move the element back, lightly hit the pulley with a hammer,
  • Remove the engine from the Samsung,
  • Remove the hall sensor (a small part resembling a ring) from the motor housing,
  • Diagnose the tachogenerator using a multimeter. To do this, place the tester probes against the contacts of the part. Resistance values ​​of “0” or “1” will indicate the failure of the hall sensor.

As a replacement, be sure to buy an original tachometer for your Samsung car. Although there are a huge number of substitute analogues offered on the market.

In addition to the tachogenerator, the SMA motor itself can fail. Collectors are by no means the most fragile engines, but they still have a couple of weak points. Thus, electric brushes and the stator winding are most often affected. If the problem is in the brushes, then the repair is quite simple - you can replace the graphite rods with your own hands. If the stator winding is damaged, you will have to replace the motor completely, since rewinding will cost more than replacement.

What to do when you need to check an electric motor? First, you should inspect the brushes. On the side of the engine body, you can see small screws that need to be unscrewed with a screwdriver. Afterwards, it is easy to remove the spring-loaded electric brushes from the motor. It is necessary to inspect the graphite rods - if one looks even slightly shorter than the other, you will have to change the pair. SMA motor brushes must be reinstalled, even if one of them looks completely intact.

If the electric brushes are in perfect order, it is time to check the stator winding. Using a multimeter, it is examined for breakdown. Diagnostics can take a long time, since a breakdown sometimes occurs only on a single turn, and finding it is quite problematic. Due to a broken winding, the electric motor loses power and cannot accelerate to the required speed, even though it is in good working order.

What to do if you discover a breakdown? If damage to the winding is detected, the entire motor will have to be replaced. The element is selected for a specific Samsung SMA model.

Focus on the brain of the machine.

Another probable reason for unsatisfactory spinning is a failed control module of the machine. Without the necessary knowledge and experience in working with electronics, it is better not to get into the brain of the washing machine. It is better to entrust such repairs to professionals.

The technician will remove the electronic control unit, perform the necessary diagnostics, and tell you whether the board is broken or not. If a breakdown is detected, the specialist will evaluate the possibility of repairing the module. If it is impractical to repair the element, the technician will recommend replacing the unit.

It is difficult to repair the control board yourself. Not everyone can cope with this. In order not to aggravate the situation and not completely break the Samsung washing machine, it is better to seek help from qualified technicians.