Replacing the LED TV power supply

Replacing the LED TV power supply

The appearance of extraneous sounds during the operation of the television receiver, problems with switching on or spontaneous shutdown usually indicate a failure of the current supply system. In such a situation, it is better not to try to fix the malfunction with your own hands, but immediately contact our service center. Replacing the LED TV's power supply must be carried out by an experienced technician, as otherwise you risk losing your right to warranty service.

Why does the power supply fail?

Common causes of power supply failure include overloading and overheating of individual components, as well as sudden voltage drops in the network. If the module does not work, it is imperative to make diagnostics, which usually indicate such problems as:

  1. An increase or decrease in the output voltage, due to which the device does not function correctly
  2. Mains fuse failure. In this case, the receiver does not turn on at all, since the power supply unit does not work.
  3. High-voltage transformer failure. This problem will be indicated by the flashing of the backlight, its periodic turning on and off.
  4. Drying of capacitors. This problem occurs mainly in older led machines that have been in use for many years. You can find it by visual inspection of the board - characteristic streaks appear on it

Sometimes, faulty capacitors or other elements of the power system create difficulties with the operation of the unit. Diagnostics using high-precision measuring instruments allows you to identify these problems and find effective ways to solve the problem.

Professional LED TV repair

Depending on the nature of the repair found, a service center specialist replaces either individual components of the power module or the entire unit. We always have at our disposal original components for devices of all models and brands, which allows us to make repairs in the shortest possible time.

How much does it cost to install a new part? To get an answer to this question, contact our manager, tell him all the necessary information about your device. The exact cost of services is calculated in the course of diagnostic work, which are provided completely free of charge.